Received legendary troop, no upgrade offer appeared

I searched the Known Bugs’ section, couldn’t find info on this. If it’s not a bug, then I’m sorry for wasting your time!

iPad Air 2, iOS 12.1.1

Screenshot -
sorry, not sure how to put a screenshot here. It’s just a SS of Kerberos anyway, to prove that I just got him from a Glory chest.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

  • since you’ve put the upgrade offers in the game, I’ve received one every time I receive a legendary troop from a chest. Yesterday I received an offer to upgrade Venoxia, and just let it run out. Once it was gone I opened some more chests and received Kerberos. But no upgrade offer appeared, even though he’s legendary. It’s too bad, I’ve been waiting/hoping for him, and was going to put out $$ to get him upgraded.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

  • first time it’s ever happened, although the update feature hasn’t been around too long. Can’t say I did anything different today than I’ve done before, so this one leaves me at a loss.

Steps to make it happen again

  • the only thing I can think of doing to get it to happen again is to open more chests. But I don’t want to replicate it, I might receive another troop I want & not get that one also!

Hi @isaro! Thanks for checking the Known Issues.

How soon after you ignored the Venoxia upgrade did the Kerberos one appear? If you ignore an offer or purchase one there is at least 24 hours until the next offer will appear.

ok, that explains it. The Venoxia offer disappeared the same day and just a few hours before Kerberos appeared. Thank you for the heads-up, I’ll pass the info along to my guild. And I’ll definitely remember not to open chests until 24+ hrs after a current offer expires!