Reason behind not cancelling a spell

So I assume this question was asked and answered way back in the beginning of the game, but because a player asked it on the Steam Discussion boards, what’s the reason behind not being able to cancel a spell once you click Cast?

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I am wondering the same for a long time, though never asked here.

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The inability to cancel a spell has also one very unfunny side effect…

When you try to cast a spell that targets a specific color gem (like Soothsayer purple gem for instance) and there happen to be no gems of that color on the board - the game just gets stuck. You cant do anything besides conceding the match…

Maybe someone should look into that as well…

I never tried it again, but I belive it was said to be fixed (at least for Steam version).
If memory serves me right, I remember using Poison Master’s spell a while ago with no green gems available and it showed a sad-face-smiley with the words “no targets available”.

Anyway, +1 to a cancel spell button.

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It happened to me like three days ago with Soothsayer… After I clicked the CAST button, the whole screen went darker (as usual), but since there were no purple gems to be highlighted, I couldnt cast it on anything. After a minute of trying various things to get unstuck I just gave up and conceded the battle. Btw, Iam playing on steam.

I think that’s the exact example the Steam player gave (are you him? :slight_smile: )

I assumed that because it was asked on the Steam Discussion group, the player had the Steam/PC version, but of course, that’s not always a guarantee since a bunch on console players posted when it was first released on the Xbox and PS4.

It was not me (I dont visit steam discussions that often), but Iam steam player as well and it happened to me as well…

Maybe y’all just need to be a little more careful?

But the excitement level is so high . . . . just can’t control myself. . . . . click click click.

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Well, I wouldn’t use Soothsayer’s spell when there are no purple gems around if it wasn’t for the sake of testing bugs.

But you might be refering to the cancel button request.

Well, it’s not needed, but it sure would improve the game.
Getting back to the soothsayer example, it’s a pain in the ass to look for every purple gems you can cast it on, to see if it’s worth using.
So I’ll find a “worst case target”, some purple gem worth casting on. I’ll cast the spell, enlightening purple gems so I could search for any better targets easily.
But I sure would prefer to be able to enlighten all those purple gems before the preliminary search, and cancel it if I don’t find a “worst case target”.

As simple as that.

Oh, I understand completely. It’s sooooo much easier if the game will do everything for you so you can just coast on autopilot.

Seems to me your asking for a fix because you can’t be bothered.

This is an equally-valid counterargument to every single quality-of-life feature in the history of technology.


Some people just seem to like picking fights over nothing…
I’ll pass.

Not picking a fight. Just saying that if you actually look at the board, your problem is solved. I use Soothsayer a lot, and have never encountered this difficulty. Why is this so hard?

I agree on both points. Be careful not to cast a spell unless you can actually use it AND it would be nice to be able to cancel it. There’s no real reason to keep it this way, especially if it CAUSES more problems.

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I often multitask when playing, and it’s a pain to have to search the board for every gems and predict the eventual outcome all while having other tasks in mind.
Making it easier wouldn’t hurt anyone.

It’s a casual game, whether you like it or not.
If you think ruining your eyes searching through gems make you a “skilled player”, it does not. It’s simply pointless.
If you don’t want that feature, you are very welcome not to use if it is released.

Now why are you against this? As a software developper, I could easily understand simpathy for developpers when they have to code something big, but a cancel button is the simplest thing ever…

Same way here. I’ll often play at work between pouring over spreadsheets. I’ll make a move and let the AI move then go back and move. Often I’ll cast a spell without searching the board and once I cast soothsayer only to realize no purple and I’m stuck unable to cancel. Other times I’l just go into an ability then realize I missed a 5 of a kind etc… sure I could slow down but eh doesn’t really matter.


Yea yea yea… why you cast the spell when theres no targets… huh? U dumb?

The fact that the error can be prevented isnt the point. The point is that a game should be idiotproof. No game should have a feature that allows people to intentionally crash it or get stuck… thats just general good manners by the devs.

Look, folks, all I said was that if you were careful it wouldn’t happen. You have confirmed that you’re not always able to be careful because you are distracted by other things. Okay, we play the game differently. You want a cancel button, I hope you get one. As Tarnesh says, maybe the game does have to be idiotproof.

I asked the same thing about not using the spell to the Steam player and while I can’t remember his response, it was more of an “accidental” click on the Cast button. Maybe he was actually on mobile? I dunno…

Anyways, none of the longtime players have a response? So no one remembers or no one asked this before?