Reason #989988 that the Delves need to change

Simply…Bad franking Luck
It’s going to happen eventually on every Delve run of level 500. The player will run into a can’t win board scenario. That takes there 10% chance of winning and drops it to 1%

Would removing the permadeath factor from a delve run be too simple of a solution? I’m not asking for a lot here… I would just like better odds of clearing Dark Pits without potions than I have at winning the state lottery. Right now it feels pretty even. :man_shrugging:

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Hmm…the gif is showing up super tiny on my phone. I’ll try to upload it a different way.

Wouldn’t feel right to me, it’s a roguelike mode, it should have permadeath. I’d rather like to see some special rooms instead that help players more than a Greed trait for the rest of the run. Like a camp fire on longer paths that allow you to modify your team in some way.

Roguelikes don’t force you to use shitty troops against the same troops 200 times more powerful than you. (going off pure level.)

Permadeath and a permanent team are very much part of the mode I’d say.
Still, a little grace for when you get hit by bad luck from devour, transform, bad cascade etc would be nice.
Maybe something like once per run, or for every 2-3 battles won you get to resurrect and/or reorder 1 troop? Not stackable and/or starts counting after you’ve lost a troop.

I don’t think removing permadeath helps, as long as we’re talking the narrow context of “sometimes the board hates you”.

Removing permadeath will more dramatically affect that initial 10% you expect before you see what the RNG cooked up for you. It’s not going to have a big impact on that 1% when the RNG decides your off-color is the only legal gem and skulls are the only thing that can cascade on an opponent’s turn. I mean, it probably halves it to 0.5%, but I think that’s just make you more angry when it happens.

Thing is there’s any number of small tweaks that would make this situation better overall. I think the game designery question is:

We could just as easily be in the opposite scenario, with this task on the order of difficulty of a level 12 Explore: the top endgamers would already have every faction maxed and would be yawning about how there’s nothing left for them to do.

Now you have something left to do, with enough RNG thrown in it’s “hard”. The devs did this to buy some time to make more things to distract you. I am extremely confident once some new Delve-like thing that’s just as ridiculous comes along, they’re going to dramatically decrease the difficulty of finishing Delves. A new map arrives in 5.0, I think? Perhaps that’s the thing they’re waiting on.

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Strange, I clicked the link and already knew who wrote the article. :writing_hand::man_facepalming:

Maybe because I’ve been leading a one man campaign to “fix” the Delves for months now.

You do have a unique style when it comes to thread names. It’s changed over time, but it’s still unique to you.