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Really, really, realllllly, immense Behemoth

I was really, really bored today so I decided to find a way to amuse myself. I noticed I had 300 gems saved up and read about a nice buff to a troop I did not already have. This troop was Behemoth, I was sitting on top of 30 blue/brown traitstones and figures I would roll the dice to see if I nab one in my VIP chests, it took all 300 gems but I finally pulled my shiny new legendary troop from the sixth chest so I traited him up and took him for a spin.

I played exactly 2 games with him so far, this is a screen shot from my 2nd game.

I replayed the 5 star challenge fortress siege from broken spire using a soul grind shell to get some resources. It was

(Blue/Blue banner)
Serpent (2 traits)
Serpent (2 traits)
Valkyrie (3 traits)
Behemoth (3 Traits)

So I’m half way to the 1,000 cap, if you can get a screen shot of a more Immense Behemoth, please post it here, I’ll race you to it :wink:


Haha, nice. :slight_smile:

Nice. Just seeing the image without reading your full post I knew you had a Valkyrie in third position – I have the same core build, but I use Revenant in last position. I knew somebody else must use that combo. It’s fun looping serpent and valkyrie abilities with the arcane ability on Revenant. Which banner do you use? I use +2 red. If only Behemoth had arcane! but alas, I’ve searched the troops and no troop with sweeping damage determined by magic has arcane – Venoxia has sweeping damage and arcane, but the damage isn’t determined by magic :frowning:

I used a blue/blue banner to fill the serpents and the excess goes to behemoth I get to cast him very often but chose not too till valkyrie had died cause I wanted to see how immense I can get him. I just got the troop for the first time an hour ago

yeah, I prefer red banner because valkyrie needs more mana and you also can’t always get a 4/5 red match with the serpents, whereas you can almost always work it so you get a 4/5 blue match with valkyrie, and with her water link just one 4-match is almost enough to fill a serpent.

That was the other reason venoxia is a no-go with the arcane combo – it doesn’t use blue (or red) mana.

I have seen larger creatures, but not behemoth (because I don’t have one). Try Acolyte*(), Acolyte*(), Brian the Lucky*, Brian the Lucky* (with blue/purple banner).

I used blue/blue mostly for getting more runoff for Behemoth, I wasn’t worried about missing a turn in this challenge because the first troop in that challenge is always a fortress gate, I never match skulls until after valkyrie had died cause I know that if the combo drops the computer will go straight for the skull matches (after 4+ of a kinds) and I enjoy watching the AI blow a turn matching skulls for 0 damage