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Real money refund

My opinion is if you all release a troop with whatever traits then you all should have done extensive research BEFORE release to know if its gonna be overpowered or not. People spend REAL MONEY for certain troops and all you all do is offer soul and traitstone refund. How about a real cash refund . If you all was forced to do this then the nerf madness would go away. I guarantee that. Stop the madness and let everyone play in peace.

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In regards to real money refunds, you are welcome to pursue them if you haven’t used the resources these purchases contain. This can be done through the platform you have purchased on, such as Google Play, Sony for PS4, etc. However, once you have spent the resources therein, you are unlikely to get a refund.

Many players also used resources gained in game to chase troops, which is at their discretion. They use a time investment over a monetary investment, but once the resources have been spent we cannot compensate time or money, as the resources have behaved in the way they are meant too. To reiterate, it is the player’s choice to spend their resources as they see fit, whether this be chasing troops or buying packs. The time a financial refund is viable is when something has gone wrong with the purchase and rewards haven’t appeared in an account.


Right microsoft is gonna say contact you all. You may have burnt me once with nerfing a troop I bought but it wont happen again . You need to look at it as a players viewpoint . You buy uba for 49.99 and then its nerfed because its overpowered 1 month later. Would you have bought Uba knowing it was gonna be changed? probably not. How can you all be trusted anymore by the players ?Should I buy this or not? No I wont buy because im sure its gonna be changed down the road. Is that really what you all want players to be thinking? .


And this is why you only buy DLC, characters, add ons, or anything with your wallet from developers you can trust.

However, almost every single game has changes similar to Ubastet getting nerfed. The latest CoD had a discussion going on Reddit about some weapons that were getting nerfed and buffed multiple times during the 2 day long beta and will continue to be toyed with until the devs feel they have a balance.

So basically, buy at your own discretion, or just wait 3+ years after the fact to see how bad they screwed something up.

I’m sorry to hear about your experience @truethat. We don’t make balance changes lightly, and Ubastet received a small nerf for the long term health of the game.

I am uncertain as to how you paid 49.99 for Ubastet? If you are talking about the path to glory 2 or growth pack 2, there is no guaranteed mythic troop for either of these bundles. Are you instead referring to gem purchases?

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Im not spending real money in this game anymore so they can do as they please.


Uba was just a example

You know the next mythic right, it’s doing like 3, 4 things at once (only missing to bring coffee in the morning) and is clearly overpowered, how much you bet that after 1 month or so its gonna become “unbalanced” and nerfed to the trash can? After a month though, we didn’t see it comming before that…

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New mythic? Does it have 30483843894 HP and attack like the enemy troops in higher levels of cash shop events? No? Its a common then. :’(

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So an example that didn’t illustrate your point at all, seeing as you didn’t and couldn’t have spent real cash on Ubastet in the first place.



After all the game is “free to play”.


I wonder which troop you spent real money on that was nerfed? Inquiring minds want know.


I am afraid we never will get to know…


I really wish people would think before posting inflammatory things. This game is a living entity. It is constantly changing, and that is the only thing that won’t change. You cannot freeze the game in place no matter how much money you spend.

Spend wisely. If you cannot change with the game, find another game.


…and another thing. This Ubastet nerf was minimal at best. My TIME is worth more than your money, and you didn’t see me demanding my time back when Kraken got nerfed, and that baby got nerfed to the GROUND.

Why wasn’t I here posting ridiculousness like that? Because it was good for the game. Boohoo my fun was ruined, hooray the game got better.


It is free to play you are correct so why am i bombarded with popups wanting me spend 49.99. Yes i was stupid to do it once but never again and its your fault . Buy this troop she says.it will be the best money you spent she says. You were wrong Candy and you gave me bad advice. Ha ha

You on some meds or something. I tell people not to spend money. If I had power to tell you how you spend your money like that then where is all the guild keys that you should have bought for everybody. Better yet why not just give me your credit card number and I’ll go ahead and buy some real crap. Furthermore you going to blame me for the fact that you bought something and you didn’t like it. This is hilarious please tell me some more.

I know exactly who you are. You are just mad that I beat you at being Paragon in my guild and you left because of that. Are you very salty? I never asked you to stream. You never have streamed. The teams that you did use or given to you by the person who was almost always Paragon in my guild. The developers are not going to give you a dime of any money you spent back. Feel free to answer the question of letting us all know what card you paid for that they nerfed. I am still waiting. Stop diverting the conversation answer the question.