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Rasper is free!

Last night I decided to go through and disenchant everything. Even with a mouse going at 25 clicks per second it takes a while to work through over 4000 commons, hundreds of epics, even dozens of extra legends. When the dust settled I had only 4 of every mythic troop and 6 figures in my soul counter! Then I went through and leveled every troop to max, with a few thousand souls to spare.

So I am free! I’m no longer tied to Valkyrie! I’m finally liberated in my choice of builds!

I’m not “done”. I still have 15 troops that aren’t mythic (8 of which started as common) and 2 troops that I don’t have yet (Plague and Autumn Imp). But I should get enough souls from keys and tributes to max those as they come in.



Also, Autumn Imp will elude you.

I don’t consider myself tied to Valkyrie, but as it stands now she is still the best blue mana transformer on the game, thus, I still use her quite a bit.


Congrats, Rasper. :smile_cat:
Now, I only need 999,230 more souls to be finished! :pouting_cat:


I’ll just leave this here. Too good to resist.

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I was thinking more like…


After seeing that, then re-reading the title, it makes perfect sense. Made me laugh too because I read it in his voice.



Did I see something about an Ultra-Mythic level coming out soon…?


That’s so not funny…


2 weeks later and all Kingdoms (except Leonis) are at PL5, woo!

Leonis will take a long while to get enough Cobras to ascend to mythic before I can get it to 20. Rest is easy (well, 16 arcanes to farm would take a little while).


Congrats, Rasper! :smile_cat:

Don’t worry, in 2 months Leonis will get another 2-3 Troops in a single Event.

By then there will be another kingdom. Or a 6th PL for all kingdoms

That’s my dilemma also. Hopefully the snake will be in gold chests in a week or two.

The VIP chests change in 5 days, so Sept 1 or 2 (depending on rounding). I’d assume gold/glory contents will change then too.

Sept 2nd would be a Friday so would line up with next mythic as well.

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