Rare Troops in cash shop misspelt and missing Souls

Ascension is missing an ‘s’:

And Souls are missing from the pack (first screenshot clearly says you get Levels, which means Souls):

I noticed the missing Souls in the previous Rare Weekly Troop pack. And the Common Weekly Troop version seems to be short on Souls (500 only gets you to level 8).

I guess there’s two obvious solutions: 1) give enough Souls to level the troops, the way it currently says on the description of the pack; or 2) change the description, so people willing to spend the money get less for it.

Poor English localization team.

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:rofl: Good one, Slypenslyde.

Same issue with missing Souls and typo for this week’s Glory Troop.


You should hire @Starlite. He’s very consistent with everything and I trust his judgment.
There should be someone who would verify all sentences in the game before passing final verification.

If I’d started playing the game a year earlier (while I was still in Melbourne), I would totally have applied for a job. Of course, I might not have got it! :smiley:



^ “…been hired.” :stuck_out_tongue: