RAPSCALLIONS are looking to recruit, currently at 26/30

Me as a representative of the original Rapscallions, am proud to announce open slots to our very welcoming and friendly family of Gems addicts.

We are currently at Rank 35 in PVP Leaderboards and in Bracket 1 Guild Wars.

Looking for players all around the world with the ability to manage the following requirements:

1500 Seals
500.000 Gold
15k Raid Points
150 Invasion Towers
20 Dooms
Tier V Sentinels in Guild Wars

Reply if interested.


Bumping this up in anticipation of the glorious weekend.^^

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Still looking for two more.^^

Excellent guild!
Encourage you to apply. I’m glad I joined.


I’m interested if there are still openings. thx

We still have one open slot and possibly two more by Sunday.

Again, looking for YOU to join us.

Sono interessato.Cagliostro 77 level 1161

Another Guild War approaches and we have a slot or two to fill.
Come join a good group of players that support each other and do well in events.
All this without requirements that can take the joy out of playing.

We look forward to seeing you.

Peccato…sono entrato nei The Beast…ora vedo come ci posiziamo in guildwars…se non siamo forti come spero vengo da voi.Grazie:)vi farò sapere!!
Sono un giocatore forte:))!!

I think, they are ranked higher then we are. Good luck.
Otherwise, just reply here if you intend on joining anytime soon. I’ll see if we have an open slot by then.

Check here for more interesting stuff.

Imagine there’s a guild for you
it’s easy if you try
Manageable GW expectations
and no boot if you die

24 unique defense
and full color teams in GW

Imagine only 1500 seals
it isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
just quick PvP and explores too

24 unique defense
and full color teams in GW

Imagine 350k gold
I wonder if you can
15k raid points
small tasks for the clan

24 unique defense
and full color teams in GW

Imagine all the people
Sharing weekly LT
150 towers, 20 dooms
Easy for you and me.

24 unique defense
and full color teams in GW

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
and be a Rapscallion too

John and Paul forgive me
it is the best I could do


Closing in to the weekend and still one short.

Lol Buschka, that’s certainly different :slight_smile:

We’re looking for one quality player to join our team of experienced and cooperative guys and gals.
We work together on all events and gw, completing all tasks and events early in the week.
If you want to be part of a guild that all share the same goals and get on well together please pm, my gt is Maczenith.

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Hellooooooo everyone.
No, just kidding.

Though we’re still looking for two more players to join the fun.

Excellent reference, literal lol. And best of luck to you guys. :slight_smile:

We’re approaching Guild Wars quite quickly. Bracket 2 or 3 (depending on where we land) needs another player to assist us.
Reply and join the fun.

Are you looking to get another troop sitting as unowned in your collection?
Join us to get the yellow tower of doom.