Ranking of trophies by seasons

First than all, this would be a paralel ranking to the historical ranking.
Historical ranking shows the most “powerful” guild of all the time, actually there are guilds with 10-14M trophies (PC/mobile), but these guilds are like 7 or 8 years old or older. For new (avarage) guilds will be an utopy go into a top 100 or 50 rank.
Calc. (ej): (avarage trophy/user) (((3000 trophy x 30 users)x4 weeks))x 12months) = 4.320.000 trophies/year for a “rlly” strong guild, we all know that’s hard to find out there. This “strong guild” by the top 1 in 3 years! and that’s assuming the top stopped playing.
Now, a seasonal ranking would bring more competition, a new guild can go for a top 10 in a season or a stronger top 200 guild can go for a top 5 a get rewards like more trophies? or a badge “top 20 guild in xxx season”, like that… what all you think?, our guild was a top 40 once but now it’s a top 70… who remember that? only our players… maybe we can’t go for a a historical top 10, but we can for a top 10 in few seasons…


There’s a Leaderboard every week on Taransworld if you want one:

i know, but isn’t an “official” season ranking… im talking about a in-game paralel ranking with rewards

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I’m always down for more rewards :+1:

…but I wouldn’t get my hopes up for them :joy:

Sons of Anarchy currently.
A W Ryan before them.
Anonymous before them.
??? Before them.

That’s literally the past 4 years of “Trophy Seasons” at least on PC/Mobile… it’s really not that diverse.

Match Masters before Anonymous
They were #1 about 18 months.

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I have a better idea, get rid of trophy leaderboards altogether.