Rank 6 Guild Marshal is RECRUITING now

HI everyone,I am the guild leader in rank 6 Marshal guild. We have 3 spots at current. If you can meet the basic requirements (2 million gold 200 trophy, 1500 seal, and be active for guild event), then you are welcome! What we can offer you is , at leat 50 legendary task reward per week, and complete all event reward, such boss raid and invasion. If you are interested, please leave your invite code here. I will contact you soon.


Is Marshal using in-game guild chat for Tower of Doom? I’m not on Discord.

Do you have an opening? If not, I could wait a couple weeks.

How is it possible to do 2mil a week in gold? I dont mean to sound snotty, im jusy wondering for my own gain. Im running the bronzelock, greed, bonnie, cedric deck and its hard for me to fqrm gold. I have the right armor also for the job. Believe its dragon? Whatever one does 100% gold i have. If you could please shine some insight id really appreciate it

Doing hours of pvp.

It might help to do casual pvp on warlord IV and reset until you get an easy enemy team, but with the recent change there might not be enough fireball teams for that to be worthwhile.

I never did casual pvp much myself, just play ranked.

Well, 2 mil a week is not that hard. Most of my guild members donated more than that. Usually, Greed, Bronzelock, Arachnaean Weaver, Cedric deck. Or Greed, Greed, Cedric deck, Cedric deck only for four fireballs opponents. And another boost money source is generally grabbed from factions event with maximum treasure level. And pet rescue is also a source for us.

Yes, I will contact you if there is a spot. Generally, for doom tower event, all of the guild members share a online documents which can be viewed and edited.