Rank 5 Marshal Recuiting

HI everyone,I am the guild leader in rank 5 Marshal guild. We have approx 2 spots at current. If you can meet the basic requirements (1.3 million gold 150 trophy, 1500 seal, and be active for guild event), then you are welcome! What we can offer you is , at leat 30 legendary task reward per week, and complete all event reward, such boss raid and invasion. If you are interested, please leave your invite code here. I will contact you asap, it would be thankful if you can send me the message before Tue guild war start!

ALEX_RGIU At the moment I am in GEMOCIDE ULTRA .My level 1140. No problem to meet requirements.

Are you guys still recruiting? I’m interested in joining. Ps: is gemocide ultra still recruiting?