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Rank 5 Guild The Beasts Looking For Players

GM Sparky is leading The Beasts. We are looking for 2 players to join the family. Reqs currently 550k gold 1500 seals and 300 trophies. Event participation is up to you as we don’t have a mandatory outside of GWs. If you can hang in Bracket 1 GWs we want to hear from you. Msg on here or Gt Rhawky

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Hey. I’m looking for a new guild. I’ve outgrown my current guild: KINGDADDY Ranked 186th right now. I’m lvl 1084 and will gladly meet the reqs in an active guild. *********_EHYO. Thanks for your time.

Send me an xbox msg with your invite code bc it got censored . GT Rhawky

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