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Rank 40 guild recruiting

Trophy Hunters are looking for a new guild member that can help collect trophies and help us rank up. Level depends on the individual just really need someone to help with trophy collecting. I personally get 1000-2000 trophies a week, I would not expect this from you but the more the merrier.
Our guild is on XBOX currently we are Rank 40.
My GT to reach me is CHEVELLE SS2 (SPACE BETWEEN CHEVELLE AND SS) We just ask that you please be active and a team player

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Hi, my name and guild name is Greybush. I’ve been playing daily for over a year now. My personal stats are 25,318,513 gold, 74, 978 seals and 13, 878 trophies. I’ve tried to recruit w little success and think its time to join a like minded guild. My guild used to be around 100 but it’s only me and 2 others that contribute and have dropped to 271. I’m def interested in joining. Let me know what ya think!

Hello, why don’t you send me a private messege on xbox my gt is CHEVELLE SS2
we are in need of trophy collectors, what level are you and weekly trophy count?