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Rank 28 XBOX Olympus Reborn is Recruiting

Xbox Olympus Reborn Ranking 28, look for active players level +1000. We completed all the normal and epic tasks and some legendary ones, we also completed all the events.

Communication is essential!! We have a group on Discord where teams are helped and shared for every occasion. We use alerts on Discord and via Xbox messages, one for pets and one for events especially Doom, where we usually finish in the top 10.

It requires 1.1 million gold (1.3 in wars), 400 trophies and 2000 seals . Sentinels at 3 in wars and purchase Tier 4 in Doom, and Tier 3 in the others events. There is no minimum score in wars but all battles should be played to the best of your ability, and we are between bracket 2 and 3.

Contact: GT ShiningArc86877 or davethan1


We have one spot, join us!!

We have 2 spots!
Contact: GT ShiningArc86877 or davethan1

We have 1 spot, join us!

We have 1 spot, join us!
Contact: GT ShiningArc86877 o davethan1

1 spot tomorrow, Join us!

We have 4 spots, join us!
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1 spot, join us! :brown_circle: :yellow_circle: :red_circle: :green_circle: :large_blue_circle: :purple_circle: