Rank 16 Guild recruiting (Xbox-One)

Rank 16 Guild:
We have worked hard to move up the ranks, and we love
people who like to earn the rank by contributing together. We have a
good core of players who are casual-competitive.

  1. Be active: 10 days max inactive without message in-game,xbox, or other form before
    boot. You DON’T have to be a DAILY player!

  2. Reach minimum of Rank 1
    in pvp per week, and then free to work on trophies (pvp or Arena),
    tasks, your own kingdoms or troops at your leisure until weekly reset.

  3. Gold is at your own comfort level of contribution, although we do
    have some players who have invested a lot into our guild, so being
    stingy is frowned upon.

  4. (new edit). Now require Level 100+ for join.

Send invite codes to Neves1277 on Xbone, or PM me if you feel “Voices of Cambria” guild is the right place for you!

ho good luck :slight_smile:

Level 59, play everyday,
Invite code: BIBOO

I have sent your invite. If you haven’t already joined another guild, check your Guild screen for us.

BUMP for five open slots needing to be filled with PVP players.

I think that for now your guild if full, but i really want to join some guild that is actively playing. I play and contribute a lot, lef my guild because pretty much was abandoned. =,( so if it could be a place for me in the future in your guild please invite me. My code is DRACARYS_1

looking for active guild plese invite

x riciara x_3ky4

Sorry about caps