Rank 13 guild SNOWFROGS looking for active players(29/30)

Friendly, drama free guild looking for active players. We complete all tasks by Monday morning.All stages of Raid Boss and Invasion. 20+LT’s and 40k seals weekly.
Looking for active players lvl 900+.
Weekly minimum requirements:
-275 trophies
-1500 seals
-600k gold
-Guild events: Raid Boss, Invasion, GW and Tower of Doom

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1 spot available

Hi, my wife wants to be in a guild that complete the basic tasks of the guild during the week.
She is not a high level player (350 now), but she got all her kingdoms maxed at level 10 and the dragon armor. She can acomplish your guild reqs.

Could you invite her, please?

Thanks for your attention

invite code :LUCI_1YMH

Sorry but we already found someone.

If a spot is available I’m 1034 and looking for a new guild.

we have a spot. what is your invite code?

1 spot available

1 spot is available for now

Invite please lvl 544

Sorry we already found someone.

One spot available

One spot still available

If there is a spot still available i’m interested…lvl 720 invite code noa21386_rw3p
GT: Noa21386

We have 1 spot available. I can invite if you leave your current guild

Done…send me an invite when you can!

Done. Check your mailbox


Check guild chat

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2 spots available

One spot available