Ranger Wolf's story/singing/cool off zone

I know this might get closed down but I need somewhere where I can type lyrics of songs and write up my stories with my characters I made.

Phoenix The Fox™: “Huh where am I?”
Fenir the Fox: “You’re in the zoo.”
Phoenix Fox: “What!? Why am I here I should be in the forest.”
Fenir Fox: “Huh? you really have no clue?”
Phoenix Fox:“What do you mean?”
Fenir Fox:“Well You’re the last Fire Ninetales”
Phoenix Fox:“WHAT!”
Fenir Fox:“Yeah about that You’re stuck here”

Officer Brian: “Ranger get off the roof!”
Lt.K-9 Ranger Wolf: “haha can’t get me up here” Drops tennis ball on the officer’s head from off the Wisconsin State patrol’s roof

Capt.K-9 Fang: Stares up at Ranger from the Fire Station
Lt.K-9 Ranger Wolf: Sees Fang and jumps off the roof with his old military tags jingling Runs into the station and hides in the Super Intendent’s office