Random Summon Question

Kruarg the Dread and Void Portal can Summon a Random Daemon. If your a Sorcerer your hero can be classed as a Daemon.
Princess Elspeth Summons a Random Knight. If your a Knight or a Death Knight your hero can be classed as a Knight.
Sir Gwayne summons 1 - 3 Random Swords Edge Troops. If your a level 10 Knight Your hero is from Swords Edge.

Can any of these troops summon your hero if they are set to the right Class/Trait? and if so how is your hero’s weapon chosen?

I’ve never seen a Hero get randomly summoned. Given the problem you pose (which weapon?), I would be inclined to say that the Hero cannot be summoned.

However, this then poses a new question - what if we included a game mechanic and there was a ‘default’ weapon we could set that summoned in the hero with that weapon.

I like the idea of my hero being in the mix, getting dirty with the rest of the troops.

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I second the thought @Ssazix had

No no no no no enough Elspeth antics. I don’t want to see her sacrifice a death Knight and spawn another.

What if we created a “hero’s vanguard” troop where that troop was the only troop that could summon the hero? I still like the idea of my Hero getting called to the front line when things get rough.

Secondly with the quest we do with Elspeth, catering to her whim, it would make sense that she could summon the hero.

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Seems to me tho she would be more likely to summon a credit card and new pair of heels

Well, with the way I dress my Hero, I might just be wearing the heels that Elspeth summons!

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Then you would tell her to “PUT THE LOTION IN THE BASKET!”

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Good question, but no Hero doesn’t count in the random (troop type) summons.

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