Random 3.0 Bug?

Was battling this team using the new troop and I had a storm active, it went to the enemys turn and they had their infernal king ready so it cast did the split damage and changed the mana then the battle froze. The enemy refused to do any further moves. The arrow still indicates its the enemys turn but the battle is frozen, I can leave battle and lose which ill do, I can chat etc but the battle itself is dead. I am not sure if it simply didnt move onto my turn or wether it did gain a extra turn from the infernal kings spell then it got stuck.

We are currently investigating this, but can confirm that it only happens on whenthe player uses Necrezza. AI using Necrezza is fine.

We’ll put it on the list here: 3.0 Known Issues

Any updates will also be posted in that thread.


Just had this happen in another battle, similar circumstances that the enemy cast a spell then the game was froze it didnt go back to my turn.

A guild member reported that they used the new troop and upon taking a 4 turn match they also froze.

We have a fix, which we’ll be pushing out in the next hour or so


Hey Guys,

Due to an issue with Necrezza’s summon, we’ve had to change her spell a little. She still summons troops but will now summon a random undead troop instead of a random Khetar troop. The issue with summoning a kingdom troop will be fixed in the next update.

You will need to restart the game to make sure you get the fix.


Next update like 3.1 or some fix sooner?

Fix to Necrezza is out at the monent

Fix for the problem with her original spell in 3.1