Raising Troops Magic

Wondering if there is a detailed explanation posted here?

For example my boar rider is @ 14 max.

I know…it’s a newb question, thanks in advance!

You need to 5 star specific kingdoms that give the magic bonus like Silverglade. Also will get a magic bonus at certain hero levels.

Hope this helps.

Most troops at lv 20, few at 18.

As far as stars, got 2 blue snd 3 gold stars.

Thanks for feedback.

Get zhulkari, karakoth, darkstone, blighted lands and silverglade to level 10 (spending gold) and then get them to 5 gold star (upgrading troops from that specific kingdom)
These are worth 10 extra magic to all your troops in the game.


Found this old post, just 2 years late. I’ll give this a try.