Rainbow Country(Rank 212) is recruiting active members

Only requirement is 1500 seals per week.

We complete all tasks weekly and max guild chest as well.

Message here or to lonewolf6668 on xbox

Let me know if you have any interest in merging our two guilds—we keep trading places in the trophy rankings this week, and I would love to have a dozen or so people who meet seals requirements. We could both rise twice as fast as we are now, with ~6k trophies a week rather than 3k!

Our top 3 or 4 people consistently give ~1.5 million gold a week (often it’s higher—our top this week is nearly 3 million—but I don’t want to promise a diamond and provide a lump of coal), so we’re always within spitting distance of legendary tasks without even considering those in my guild who aren’t currently meeting requirements. If this appeals to you, let me know!

Either way, good luck recruiting, and thanks for the recent competition :smiley: