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Raid (Pan's Vale)

Hi everyone, today is monday and raid time. As usual i will share my team and feel free to do the same

Wild queen
Wild queen

What about you?


Members of my guild are telling me Faunessa is effectively a one-shot per cast (combined with one of the armor strippers).

So gonna probably run Silenus/Caprinicus/Faunessa/Fleshripper (Bard) Shentang Banner

If that fails I’ll get Wild Queen in there somewhere


Havent played yet so not sure what enemies we are up against, but I’m considering using the Dragonguard class with Silenus to triple skull damage burning troops at later levels.


Sylvasi converts blue into purple, which could be useful. And the 33% reduction in skull damage improves survivability for a bit. I’m using

Wild Queen

I have no idea how well this will work at high levels.


Mountain Crusher (hunter mark trait from hero)
King Silenus


Sooooooooooo, survivability is improved a whole lot when minions only increase three levels per victory instead of five. (Zuul’Goth still goes up five levels.) Was this in place last Raid?

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Mang on top is still as reliable as ever, even more if you’re using Archer Class and its Champion talents.

I’m a bit annoyed that I have to bring King Silenus only for half-mana Caprinicus, as other troops got half-mana from their trait already, but it’s still a must for fast-dealing with Zuul’Goth.

Forth troops actually got many option to choose from, depened on the level. Blade dancer/Satyr Musician are both good, but Faunessa is the best with her empowered spell scaling on enemies’ attack on late level.


So far (level 95) i had decent and fast battles without missing Valravens with this team:
Faunessa empowered doesn’t blocks Silenus at first and her Magic Link also helps Caprinicus. They all charge very fast and can focus on Zuul’Goth to bring him down. My hero is Runepriest, still gaining champion levels with it for the last talents, and he survives without trouble thanks to his Rock Solid talent granting barrier when i match brown, also his Stone Death trait is very handy after the first cast of Mountain Crusher.

Edit: Ended up with a perfect run just like a guildmate of mine, Shop Tier 3 bought for the weapon:
Not a single Valraven escaped. :slightly_smiling_face:


After the first day I’m up to boss level 135 and no valravens escaped, all battles won very comfortably. I’m using the following:

Hopes Crescent (Titan class)
King Silenus
(Dragonclaw banner)

Hopes Crescent is only at +7 at the moment, enrage is a helpful trait. Titan class is at level 100 and helps with the half mana start. With regards to perks, lightning strike is helpful for gathering mana from combo’s and rock solid for its barrier on brown to protect my hero whilst collecting mana for my troops :+1:


I could use some help putting a team together. I don’t have any of the Legendaries or The Wild Queen, but I do have everyone else including the boss killer.

King Silenus is in the soul forge this week if that helps

2x or 3x Faunessa with Mang or Mang + Caprinicus is decent.


I appreciate the tip. I only have one Faunessa. I’m looking at Mang, Caprinicus, Faunessa, and either Siren or Sylvasi for a mana generator.

Got lvl 250 in the 1st day with all the Valravens caught. The Hero is bard (settle +2mana if in last position for him) & talon banner. Firstly reduce Bosses armor then go with Faunessa. Enjoy!


Man, those Stone Giants are such a trouble! Removing all gems of single color, like Krystenax, can result in out-of-control cascade. They cause me my win steak, so now it’s perfect play; win with no Valraven escape, until level 315. I’ll try to break the record next time!

At this point, some spells are just so deady now. Mang on top might be able to avoid skull attack, but it’s completely hopeless if hit by spells. Multiple Stone Skin troops are also not helping, increasing lucky skull matches from 4 up to 7, after Mang’ed Zuul’Goth.

I’m thinking of using Earth’s Fury instead on 4th spot, but it would require to cast 3 times to make all 4 troops as strong as single-cast Mang on top. Safer from skulls, but still very vulnerable to spell.

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Caprinicus (mythic)
King Selinus (legendary but soon to be mythic)
Faunessa (legendary)
Hero with that new weapon ( I forget it’s name) Breaks armour and gives every one life and extra based on armour smashed.
It’s worked well so far. Haven’t lost a game and up to … OVER 9000!!! lvl 210 I think
caught all birds
I make sure my hero gets full mana fast and hit the boss smashing his armour and getting life.
(I may take a skull hit on purpose to go for mana)
Caprinicus hits next followed by Faunessa to finish him off.
Then I try to use the hero weapon to smash the other troops armour and to get more life (usually in the 200’s by this point) I wear them down and Faunessa usually deals the death blow.
I did change class to Barb for the pans vale bonus


I’ve been using Yasmines Pride w/Bard class (only level 31, only have the first Bard trait), Caprinicus, King Silenus and Siren/Faunessa (with the Divinion banner) since the beginning and have yet to lose a battle. I am on Boss level 255, haven’t lost 1 Valraven, and so far have only lost 1 troop in all my battles. Best Raid for me yet. I switched out Siren with Faunessa when I hit Boss Level 200, as she came in more handy, but I only have 1 trait on her.

Hope this helps someone, let’s see how long I can keep this streak rolling!

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Bought to Tier 3: Have lost one battle and one Valraven got away, at Level 200 currently.


King Silenus
Satyr Musician
Wild Queen
Dawnbringer - Earth’s Fury once Zuul Armour above 160.

Big Attack on all troops plus skull spam, no useless GodSlayer required :slight_smile:

Faunessa’s trait stones are available for glory this week

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Ohhh smart cookie. I wasn’t paying attention whatsoever…thanks!!