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Raid (Broken Spire)

Hi everyone what team are you using??

I started with this one and seem to work well for now. Feel free to leave your suggestions

Mountain crusher


This raid boss troop is really nice, he get lot of extra turn when he cast so you can hit zuul twice, i really like it


I expected to use Infernus intensively, but turned out I didn’t even touch him past 10 Minion levels.

Godslayer this week is very good, but the whole kingdom suffer from too much mana-blocking, despite great synergies. Sheggra is very good this week, but completely blocked by Mang, so you have to plan ahead very carefully, as even Igneus could sometimes work against it by reducing red gems on board.

I like that the 2 hard-counter troops even have some enemies to work with. Empowered Gob-Chompers could eat that exploding Ice Goblin, and Obsidian Golem could destory pesky Construct troops, especially Ice Golem, with turned out to be the biggest threat this week.

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Works in the Raids too. :yum:

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Hero class titan (level 100), standard choice for me :joy:


This team has been doing pretty well. Really enjoying Pyggra.


Sick of this week’s raid boss already…

Enchant on the boss and everything freezes so no combos possible…

GG Dev’s, GG.

So much fun this week, some great troop combinations and great mana generators with Terraxis, Flame Troll and Pyggra being in this kingdom.
Really easy week.

Even if Infernus does not cast often, it’s good to have him for 1) burning enemies on all 4/5 matches and 2) consuming Zuul’Goth’s spell sometimes.

Initially my first thought was to use Infernus but then after some consideration of other troops, he really is not needed. Board control is far more important at the later stages to stop zuul :+1:

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What works very well for me is:
Hope’s Cresent
Stone Giant
First I try to charge Hope’s Cresent and discharge against Zuul to get rid of his armor and give him a nice kick and then I discharge Igneus to finish him off.
Since Hope’s cresent deals 3x damage against enemy’s with higher life he also deals a nice punch against other enemy’s and get’s rid of their armor.