Raid Boss Weekly Kingdom Only?

Just asking, but are we sure the event troop kingdom and the Raid Boss kingdom will be the same?

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Nothing sure yet, i really hope any dev will post more details tomorow

Hopefully they tell use what we need to do and it’s not as unknown as maxing our gw scores.

Where’s the fun in that? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Congratulations, you lost points because we didn’t tell you how to play it right! :joy::joy::joy:


I think it is a pretty safe assumption that there will be only one “weekly kingdom”, but if I’m wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time.


The Raid and Event Kingdoms being the same makes sense too, as it would only take a few Event Keys for newer players to get enough of that Kingdom’s troops to build a decent team.


It shouldn’t be an issue at all, and potentially only a slight issue when new kingdoms are released. Gold keys to get common and rares, event keys available to get UR and higher rarities, at least one troop available in regular shop for glory plus one troop available in raid shop (however that works), plus hero class allowed. Just about anyone should be able to field 4 troops, especially if there is no major incentive to have unique troops on the team.

Existing kingdoms should have all of the old troops, plus one or more new troops available at the start of the week, so even less of a problem.


Yeah but what you want is the raid boss shop troops, they deal more damages to bosses

I completely assumed this in my post above from reading Sirrian, it made sense from a player understanding (simplicity of having One Event Kingdom per week) but from a business decision. Honestly I never ever considered they would have multiple Event Kingdoms simultaneously. If you can’t defeat the raid boss there is always the $50 and $30 Kingdom Pack for sale to help you.

Of course i could be wrong…, and the publisher doesn’t like money.:wink:

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Winning battles with troops of a certain colour, Race or Kingdom is something we always had on console through daily tasks, even before the introduction of guild wars. Building teams with certain limitations is something that has become natural for me as a PS4 player. I already have a competent team for every colour, race or Kingdom written down.


It’s not like I mind some challenge. But tbh I have only 4 Shentang troops counting Penglong. That’s not much. I know about 2 additional troops releasing on monday and I hoard event keys too… but I still feel like the first kingdom shouldn’t be Shentang but sth more established.


No kidding! After creating multiple restrictive teams daily for well over two years the OP struck me as some who just stated playing Gems of War this Tuesday. Some days I even create TRIPLE restrictive teams to finish three or four tasks with one team.

PS: I’m glad I didnt post my initial thoughts, and posted instead how to ‘mitigate’ the non-existent bad planning by using Event Keys.


do you think casual guilds have so much event keys?
even i with level 1000+ have only 24 per week
casual players how much keys do they get ten or less
all i hear is you can buy that with gems or with glory or with whatever
but i am sure low player cannot. and they dont have the best troops in all kingdoms
to build a good team to maybe they can use four mushrooms? idk


there actually a rule in coded to the gamemode that wont let you use other troops during the raid?or its a guideline as you can use any troops you want in gw it just gets you more points if you use full color team?


yes i think so .only event troops allowed next weeks raid .not what troops you like

And we are supposed to have a devoted team slot for it… since I don’t see it in my troop menu. I am assuming that it will be tied to the Raid menu. So it would seem feasible that from that Raid menu we will have access to only Raid Kingdom troops and Hero Weapons.

Still excited!!! :grin:


Yeah sirrian already mentionned each new mode will get their own team slot

So if players want to buy the super killer troop for the Event (the one with x3 to x5 damage), they surely have to go through buying kingdom-of-the-week troops.

Did you save gems? :slight_smile:

With the gw now every 3 week it gonna be impossible to do it every week, i really hope we can win some gems during these new game modes.

Edit: also i see we can buy more sigils like i was affraid, it really going to be a pay 2 win