Raid Boss Weekend: Khetar (Nintendo Switch)

Originally published at: Raid Boss Weekend: Khetar (Nintendo Switch) – Gems of War

Returning Raid Boss Troop: Morterra Morterra has returned to lead Khetar during this weekend’s Raid Boss. You can get her from the Event shop during this event. New Weapon: Tomb Lord’s Crook This weekend it will be available in both the Event shop, and in the Soulforge. Please note that some of the Social Collectibles…

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Once again, the in-game news announcement is borked.

  • Correctly shows the Khetar symbol
  • Text says “Grosh-Nak”
  • Troop shown is Ogre (of Broken Spire!)

I know that Ogre seems to be the default Troop shown when something else bugs out, but Morterra isn’t even a new troop to Switch. Any info what happened?

Ogre is troop id 6000 (the first/lowest troop id) in the game. I guess someone forgot changing the template from id 6000 to 6509 (Morterra I believe) - or they entered an invalid id and the event defaulted back to 6000.