Raid Boss [Leonis Empire]

Looks like we’re in for quite a crappy selection this week!
I’ve not had much luck yet at all with the raid and am looking for some help with deck building for this event.

I have every troop apart from VOO. New ultra rare is pretty poop. Wazir seems pretty pointless as well.

I’m using Mang (Titan), Khorvash, Raid Troop, Divine Ishbaala. It’s working well so far. Mang plus skull spam basically.

I actually think the choice isn’t that bad.

I’m currently using:

Emperor Khorvash
Hopes Crescent

Working really well so far :+1:

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I’ve been using:
Amira and Wazir are great at killing Zuul’Goth, specially Amira thanks to her Stealthy trait protecting her from Zuul’Goth’s Spell.

I could be using Mang, but in this composition the Dust Devils would screw the strategy, on the other hand Orpheus’ Lute is doing ok enchanting the other allies and such.

In Mang compositions i think Ishbaala could work better.

Okay so I think I’ve found something that is working for now.

Hope’s Crescent

Abyssal banner

EDIT: Divine Class

For me, I was using Mang, Manticore, Desert Mantis and Wazir but that team failed hard after a while and since I was able to fully trait Khorvash (and actually pulled Ishbaala), I’m thinking of changing it to Mang, Khorvash, Wazir and Ishbaala.

Will move Khorvash to first slot if the enemy team has a Dust devil but that still means nothing against all the tanks and Devour Sharks…

Desert Mantis seems like a massive liability to fuel Zuul :frowning:
I used it for my first few battles but it backfired so badly.
The new team I just listed seems to be working, though at higher levels (currently 115), I need another shot to finish ZG after HC and Amira.

Another related thread here, but I think we should keep using this “Raid Boss [Leonis Empire]” one, so all suggestions will be in one place.

As for my team, I’m still using Mang/Godslayer combo team again. This is my review for other 2 troops choice.

  • Monster Muncher - Surprisingly, he seems to be the most powerful one this week, due to half of the enemies are Monster. (other half is Elemental) if you can get his 50% devour to work, it’s almost like getting another Mang!
  • Warhawk/Falconer - Despite being just a common card, its 4x skull damage to Hunter Mark’ed troop could come in handy, as even Hero’s Champion Ability could help mass Hunter-mark all troops. If it died, you can use Falconer to summon a backup.
  • Emperor Khosvash/Manticore - his mana draining alibity is very useful, although his true damage is less effective in late level. Manticore could be a good enemies’ spell-delaying, with buffed attack for back-up skull duel.
  • Amira/Lion prince - work very well in early level, due to low mana/high damage output.
  • Divine Ishbaala - her looping yellow transfromer is great, but her skull-spamming skill is even better, if a bit more risky. You should only have to cast her once to finish the match. if enemies could have a turn next, those leftover skulls could spell doom to your own troops in late level.
  • Wondering Monk - could do double damage on her second cast, or after Emperor Khosvash’s spell. A bit slow, but still useful early on.

I’m using Mang (Priest)-Moneylender-DivineIsh-Wazir. Swapping Mang for Earths Fury against Dust Devil.

Moneylender is there to raise the ceiling on gold acquistion (though haven’t needed it yet), and to generate red for Mang to use and DivineIsh to convert.

Had one hiccup so far around 125 but the others were a steamroll.

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I use Mang / Wazir / EK / Ishbaala, but against 3 Monster teams I use Monster Muncher instead of EK.


I have settled with this and assassin hero.

Thanks everyone for the tips. :+1:

Looks similar to what I’ll run come the weekend when I switch to mang. Saving the sigils for then to save the hassle of swapping hero classes back and forth.

I’m having the worst luck finding a decent team. Ishbaala seems to iffy for my play style. I only have Wazir epic and he can’t take down the boss after mang. He’s such a horrible troop I dont want to waste gems to make him Legendary. Anyone else have team compositions theyve had luck with later on? I’m at boss level 130. I have EK as well.

I don’t have any of the legandaries, but have had good success. It’s designed to not matter as much if you get hit by the dust devil.

Monster Muncher (1st trait only)
Tricker’s Shot

For the first several levels, I went in with Dawnbringer/Ishbaala/Mantis/Falconer. Worked alright until it didn’t, but my goal was just to get some battles done, which it did.

I find I’m getting good progress with Mang and Ishbaala…

I used ascension orbs to get Wazir up to mythic. (Don’t have any other use for them.)