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Ragnagord's 'Blitz 'Em' question

Hey, guys so the other day someone suggested I put Ragnagord on my team along with Wyvern and Scorpius because they have great synergy together (they do and I appreciate the people who helped me with that).

My question is on Ragnagord’s special ability 'Blitz ‘Em’. He’s currently at level 11 and it says ‘Explodes 5 random Gems of a chosen color’. I’m not sure I understand what that means because I could swear when I activate it sometimes half of the board blows up and disappears and a lot of the times I see the enemy took some damage (sometimes not at all). Can someone please explain to me how that works? I’d like to know what it’s properties are because it can help me plan out exactly when and how I use his ability.


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All exploders work basically similiar to Ragnagord. “Exploding” a gem means that the gems around it blow up with the exploding gem, so if a gem in the middle of the board gets picked, 9 gems in total blow up - the gem in the middle and the eight around it. It’s obviously less effective if gems at the border of the board get picked or if two gems directly next to each other explode. You don’t generate full mana for gems removed that way, but it’s still a whole lot.
For skulls that explode, the top enemy takes one damage for each of them.

Exploding five gems can lead to somewhat random results because of the number - you will see that at higher levels and with you picking the color that’s most common and most evenly distributed on the board, Ragnagord will likely clear the whole board for you with the explosions.


Great explanation: I’d just add that it is 70% of the mana in the destroyed gems that accrues to the player.

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Also depending of how many gems of certain colors are on the board and how they are positioned you can sometimes predict with certain accuracy the odds of getting an extra turn or hadling the A.I a favorable board full of 4~5 gem’s matches…

Ragnagord and other exploders are so good people can play mindlessly and still obtain a lot of resources so they can simply afford to play carelessly and lose some few battles here and there. But some newish players tend to “blitzkrieg” the battles and they pay little to no attention to such details, trying to mimic some veterans that are used to auto-pilot such troops, and end up exploding the wrong gems and later they keep wondering how the A.I can cheat “so blatantly”

This game is easy, really, but people think this means being good at it is also easy. I hope you stick with us on the forums and don’t be afraid to ask for advice, some of us are totally open to talk and suggest teams and strategies in short and long term goals. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you everybody for explaining it to me

@Sheba Thanks for the thorough explanation. I was really confused as to why sometimes half the board was exploding when I could swear the description said six but after the way you explained it understand now. I also gotta admit when I saw your name I expected a animated picture of a rabbit being pet considering you posted so many in my other topic about opening chests. :wink:

@Stan I will definitely keep that 70% in mind. I played a few more games and it is a difference and definitely something to keep in mind when I plan out my next move.

@Razzagor I appreciate the advice. Before when I had no clue what ‘explode’ meant in the description I was pretty much doing it willy nilly but now that you told me I’m starting to try and predict how the gems will blow up and maybe work them even more into my favor.

Everybody on this board has been extremely helpful ever since I started to play a month back. This is one of the few communities I like because everybody’s always willing to answer my questions and I really appreciate that. Thank you again for answering my question.


Well, I had no idea how to link bunnies to explosions (as these are two things that don’t mix very well), but hey, if you want bunny - which I very much approve of - YOU SHALL GET BUNNY!:triumph::blush:


Once your Ragnagord starts exploding 15+ gems you can mostly play on “auto” just for the fun (and profit) because you can, in theory, destroy more gems than we would have present on the board, so things get a little crazy and you can’t predict a lot. It’s just a matter of keeping your mind sharp and get used to make better moves.

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Exploders work best in pairs.

Ragnagord pairs well with Herdmaster or Azura for example. Then use two other troops that catch the other colours and deal damage.

Similarly people pair Gorgotha with Dragon Soul or Carnex. Then when you get Infernus that changes everything.

If using an exploder, make sure your team uses all six colours or your missing mana for gems destroyed.

Using exploders is a high risk high reward strategy. You will fill all your spells quickly, but often hand skulls or a good board to the enemy. Having a fully traited Gorgotha on the front helps, or even a Golem at low levels. Expect fast games, but to lose more than you might like. Most people find the fast wins make up for the odd loss, in terms of resources won per time spent. @mithran is our guru on such things.

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