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R U Kitten Me - Active Steam/Mobile guild looking for members

Hi there! o/ The guild I belong to is currently looking for new and active members to join us! We are rather small but have been kicking some booty!

Highest member is 215 and lowest is 89.

Small guilds are welcome to merge with ours, however we want to stay put just so none of our friends get seperated. So you are welcome to join us but we would like to stay in our current one. There are only 5 of us but we get our stuff done and have fun at the same time!

Weekly requirements: (if you are not a high level donations can be as you have gold) 50k gold, 1.5k seals and at least 100 trophies.

If you have any quesitons just let me know! I will gladly answer them!

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This is our 2nd guild wars and as you can see we are dedicated to win and have fun! Stop on by if you want a friendly guild that likes to participate and support their fellow players!

Small guilds welcome to merge with us.

We are still looking for awesome people to join us!

Start your week off right, join R U Kitten Me!