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R U Kitten Me - Active guild, looking for some awesome players to join us right meow!

Hey there! o/ Thanks for stopping by the thread to find out more about the guild I belong to.

R U Kitten Me is active and still rather new, mainly adults who are laid back and just looking to have fun and enjoy our time on the game. We strive each week to do as much as we can for each other, by unlocking tasks and answering any questions that might pop up. Zero drama, no being rude to each other and just a whole lot of fun!

Requirements: 50k, 1.5k seals and 100 trophies.

We are getting into the guild wars now, did pretty good our 1st time around. Would like to fine more competative members to enjoy the PvP but also the PvE side of the game.

If you are interested just let me know!



We won every guild war for the week! Still looking for active and awesome players to come join us!

Start your week off right, come join R U Kitten Me! We are active, friendly and looking for laid back members to join us!

If you have any questions feel free to ask! I will gladly explain. :smiley: