Quo vadis, Gems of War?

Now that Gnome-a-Palooza has been released and is working exactly as previewed I can’t help but wonder which direction Gems of War is planning to take. There’s obviously big changes incoming.

To recap my first 15 minute Gnome-a-Palooza run:

  • 13k glory (equals 650 glory keys)
  • 65k souls
  • 200k gold
  • 16 vault keys
  • 2 epic vault keys
  • Tons of ingots
  • A pile of gems keys, event keys, jewels and gems
  • Enough verses to craft several follow-up Gnome-a-Palooza

Multiply by 50 for playing this a few hours each day this weekend. Once I turn in all the vault keys I should also gain several ten thousand gems, a few hundred major orbs and few truckloads of other goodies.


  • The in-game shop has become obsolete. Almost anything in there can now be farmed within a short time, whenever you want. Even Deathknight Armor is now nothing more but visual fluff, there’s no longer any point in going gold/soul farming.
  • Guild events have become obsolete, with the exception of Tower of Doom (for Forge scrolls) and possibly Guild Wars (for fun). Unlocking all reward tiers requires each guild member to spend hours playing, and they are insignificant compared to what you get from just running another of your infinite Gnome-a-Palooza.
  • Campaigns have become mostly obsolete. You get some temporary bonus stats, plus some troops/weapons a bit earlier in case you pay up. Spending the time required on Gnome-a-Palooza instead will net you several mythic troops (through glory converted to glory keys), plus a few dozen times of what the campaign considers rewards.

So, Gems of War moving from F2P to monthly subscription mode? Shop and sigil system removed, all content unlocked, play what you want with whatever team you want? That would at least make the most sense, now that the collection aspect has essentially been removed from the game and in-game purchases are no longer viable.


Saw that coming, the event Loop is the problem - dont understand why the Mana Surge Gnomes appear in the 15 Minutes, too. Would be an easy solution.

I have no idea, but several resources and collectibles remain virtually unattainable/unfarmable:

  • Scrolls, as you’ve mentioned
  • Warcoins
  • Campaign mythics and weapons
  • Deeds, books, writs
  • Cosmetic pets
  • Old weapons
  • Nyshas, Anuses
  • Diamonds

This might just be a one-off for players to catch up on F2P content before they hit the reset button and start transitioning to Puzzle Quest 3’s everything-premium model. I could imagine future kingdoms, delves and classes to be heavily moneygated (yes, yes, technically F2P :roll_eyes: ).

I don’t mind this event invalidating all other events. I’m sick to the face of ‘EXpLoRe wiTh ExtRA StePs’ aka. ‘World Events’ anyway.

Or they just didn’t think this one through :clown_face:

What a perv you are :rofl: Want to farm anuses, just leave mine alone! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s the thing, even when farming those, you’re always in the hole.


The diamonds are actually still farmable because of the vault keys you can get. It may be a resource to get another resource, but it is still there. Even if only a byproduct of a resource that IS possible from the gnome-a-paloozas, it can still be farmed. Cosmetic pets don’t matter except for hardcore completionists so I don’t know why they were listed.

Also, fixed one of your pluralizations to be moderator-approved.

Cosmetic pets are starting to matter. You definitely need one to reach maximum kingdom stars in Leonis at the moment, and other kingdoms are probably creeping up towards that point as well.

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Thanks, I’ll have a word with QA later

Threateningly waves Anus Scepter at QA