Quimby - Bracket 1 guild wars guild looking for a lower level associate guild

Hi everyone.
We here at the friendly and morally decent guild known as Quimby area looking for a lower level guild to partner up with. The guild needs to be reasonably well established with more than half of the spaces taken up. The guild leader shall manage the guild and communicate with me. We’re looking for a guild that can help us in return when it comes to higher level players needing a slight break or are away on holiday etc. People can be promoted and places can be exchanged between the two as and when. We’re currently ranked 12th but only because we don’t chase trophies. Team builds and gw ideas will be shared and gw participation in our bracket 1 guild is a must.
Any interested guilds please post details in this thread. I look forward to hearing from you.
Nephilim (GL)


Good luck, I started doing this as well since I see pc guilds doing it all the time, it was hard to find just one to always have space so I have began helping about three of them, it works pretty well and kicks aren’t so bad Anymore.


I’ve messaged three GL’s independently and no replies so far. Surely someone wants to hook up with a top tier guild?

The issue with finding suitable guilds, and I’m not exactly sure what “level” guild you’re looking for, is that that “spot” is valuable to them.

Take Crimson Sky for example. We’re rank 23, and have quite lax requirements, so at a surface level what you’re offering could look like a nice proposition for the 2 guilds.

However, especially with the console landscape – finding good, quality players is tougher. What we try to do is take in an “up and coming” player, groom them and help them level their kingdoms, in the hopes that they’ll appreciate the olive branch while they were smaller and then stay and contribute more than the minimums once they have.

Therein lies the problem with your proposed plan. It consumes a space for a player that we could be bringing up and getting to that level. Sure, we get a temporary bump from that player while they’re there, but it just feels like wasted time, knowing their overall goal is to go back to your guild… where we could be using that spot to boost to a hopefully long-term contributing player.

Again, I can see how what you are proposing can work, but I feel with the console landscape, to find a guild willing to give up their valuable spots, you would need to start going quite far down the rung (rank 100 and lower) and I’m sure the players in your guild don’t want to be so over leveled that they’re contributing 90% of that guilds gold donations for the week.

However, I wish you best of luck, and figured by posting this I could share my point of view :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks for the informative post.
Ideally a guild half full looking for guild wars activities and not too bothered about maxing seals etc. It’s not proposed to be a feeder guild per se, but somewhere that my guys can drop down to for breaks and if they fancy a change of pace, allowing a few of the higher ranked guys in the associate guild to have a go in bracket one and get some much needed rewards. Or something along those lines anyway.

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Ah, that makes sense.

What happens when the “temps” from the lower guild don’t want to leave your guild when it’s time to go? And what if they’ve been good contributing members? Seems like you’d have quite the pickle on your hands in the fact that the original guild would want their member back / not want the fear of “sniping”, as well as the guy originally from your guild not having a spot to get back in if that person doesn’t leave.

That’s something that would have to be worked out beforehand. I really don’t want to start another guild, not now and as you say, recruitment of ps4 players is difficult for some reason.

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Just like little winds as clutch says, however I’m looking for a guild that’s probably around half full, yet reasonably established to work alongside our bracket 1 guild Quimby.