Quickpaw Jack turned honest?

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Quickpaw Jack should be stealing gold but he steals diddly squad.

I’ve been using Quickpaw in several fights now and the strange thing is that he does damage as described but he “forgets” to steal gold.:woozy_face:
I noticed this earlier in the day but since I wasn’t really sure at first I took the time to really pay attention and I noticed this during the whole time I used him in my team.
The strange thing is that he does damage as described, in my case he does 28 base damage plus whatever gold he steals. I’ve seen him do up to 40 damage already but when I look at the gold he steals that is zero, nope, nada, zilch… in short 0.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Ok in his description it says “up to 50 gold” and I can agree with the fact that might be no gold at all but in that case he shouldn’t be doing more than the 28 damage either.
Conclusion: either our friend Quickpaw Jack is sick :face_with_thermometer: or he turned honest :thinking:

This sounds related to the Bandit issue, where the AI never seems to have more than 4 gold on hand. Are you sure the AI had made enough 4+ matches (or cast the right spells) for there to be gold to steal?

If there would have been no gold to steal then the damage done wouldn’t have been higher than the base damage. And I agree it is similar to the Bandit issue but not quite the same :thinking:

i was having the same problem so i just stopped using him. swapped him out for egg thief. i think the AI just never has much gold to steal :confused:

I came here for this, knowing I wasn’t the only one with Quickpaw experiencing his “honest[y].” He hasn’t stolen any gold and was wondering if he was working correctly.

I let a 4x gold ring team cast to gain gold, and tried to steal…0 gold. It is bugged.


Confirmed. It’s a bug, @Kafka.

Paw is potentially excellent particularly in gold farming Teams and skeleton key decks although I don’t know if team gold will cap according to the limits of your team (eg cedric increases gold capacity you can collect). I tried paw early doors in invasion and he collected zero but in truth I have no idea how much gold if any was available to steal. This is discussed in another thread asking for enew years gold and souls count to be visible during battles. Either way, casting early is fairly pointless unless greed or Alchemist are on the enemy deck and have casted.

Thanks for confirming :wink:

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I played a few pvp matches today using my Key team and I can confirm that enemy Jack successfully stole 50 gold from my own gold each time it casted its spell.

So as far as I can tell by all of your testimonies, this troop does work when AI uses it, doesn’t when player does.

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Now that we’re on 4.3.5, and we can see the enemy’s gold, I can see that Quickpaw Jack does successfully steal their gold. He just doesn’t give it to me… He seems to pocket it for himself. Trash pirate indeed.


It’s bugged.

Yet another bugged release courtesy of inadequate or non existent pre issue testing.

I confirm…jack is not stealing jack. Checked enemy team’s gold stash for 50gp and then cast jack’s spell and he/she didnt steal any gold amount.

No worries it’ll get fixed AFTER the +400 gold/match bonus had ended for the troop this week. Can’t let us have gold steal and bonus gold in the same week…

Quickpaw Jack has now been punished, and will share his gold. He will no longer be a selfish trash pirate.

The fix is going out now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ahoy, matey! :smile:

Hear, hear… Now this is a fast repair!!!
Wel done dev’s :+1: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: