Quickly Clicking on Play Again in Explore Goes to World Map

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

After ending an explore match, I quickly press the Skip button and the click where the Play Again button appears. This should let me keep playing explore and start a new match. However, if I press too quickly, it take me to the World Map. I have experienced this on my Android mobile phone and am not sure about other platforms.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Finish an explore game and after winning, quickly press on the right hand section of the Skip button and keep pressing while it transitions to the Leave and Play Again buttons.

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I have also had this happen (Android)
It seems like if you go to fast it drops you back to world map - but if you take your time it all works as expected

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Already reported and apparently on the fix list for next patch. The problem I believe is the old skip button functionality is left in for a few frames after you press it the first time, so a second press of the skip button before it splits into the “leave” and “play again” will dump you onto the map. The workaround involves developing muscle memory to only click skip once for the rewards and wait a brief moment for the fade animation of the button to the two different buttons before clicking play again. Slightly annoying, but still saves you time overall.


Same thing happens in the iPad version, quite annoying… Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon!

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This is how I would implement things if either “I didn’t know what I was doing” or “I was paid by bugs fixed thus incentivized to create bugs”.

1 from 5 fights, it goes to the worldmap 4 me. what an annoying shit :rage:

how frustating it must be for people who farm stones :weary: (or the lvl guy)

I have a video and I have also told via Twitter to devs https://twitter.com/essemito2/status/967532648024477697?s=21

Also happens in pvp if you try and rush to the next match.

Yes, hopefully the next patch will fix this for all modes, including Treasure Hunt (where it also happens).

I have noticed this as well. I have learned to time my clicks so as to avoid it

When you click to fast on the cast button, it doesn’t work.
Same thing. I think, it’s unity.

Yes, Unity does weird things when you have 200 different scripts all running their own “Update” function. But there are ways to disable UI elements until another script finishes whatever it is doing.

When this happens, are you using a troop like umberwolf or skadi who create a storm at the start of every turn? I see it then and when something happens fast at the start of my turn like a troop dies. I’ve been hoping every patch this would get fixed. Fingers crossed for next go round, not holding my breath though.

the annoying create-a-storm-delay-bug is a different story… thats the reason why i can’t play such units. but no, i mean not this feature