Quicker quests/challenges

Your game is great and i like it a lot, but there ist still a lot room for improvements.

I want to do the quests/challenges quicker, so please DONT redirekt me to the main map after finishing a quest-subquest or challenge, if im doing a quest or a challenge. The additional clicks and loading time (see below) is very annoying.

The biggest weakness of your game on android is, that it runs very slow outside of battles:
Every step the game need to load something, esp. if return to the map.
(I run the game on an Lenovo Yoga 2-8 Tablet with 2G ram).

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I can see your point.
I on the other hand, playing on PC, want to be redirected, as that way I can see if in the meantime I have been invaded or there is anything going on with my guild.

Guild informations are usually informations and even if you are the Guild leader, Guild actions are not in-time senstive.
Same goes for invading inforamations… it already happend and it doent matter if i defned now or in 2hrs (only if you are hunting for every single cup)
But ofc, that are personal prefernces.

Actually I feel for Shrpy, as you don’t get sent back to the map when you’re fighting in the Arena. Invades and the guild can wait in my opinion. :smile:

Actually, as you can only counter-attack 3 invaders and any invasion after that you miss that opportunity, invasions become the only time sensitive matter. If my backlog of defends is too long, I miss fights that could be done with a 50gold cost. So I prefer keeping an eye out.
Hope they keep optimizing the mobile version though. Frustration is not fun.

It’s time for an overhaul of the defense screen, so that more invades can be shown there. I think they were planning something for the future, but not sure it will be in the next update.

I’ll pass the thoughts back to the team!
Edit: Just as an additional note, sometimes the loading spin is more an indicator of talking to the server before we can move on. Bandwidth and connection quality would affect that, so that might be what you’re seeing if it’s really lengthy.