Quick Reference Tables (Banners, Classes, etc)


G’day all,

I’ve built a web page featuring Quick Reference Tables for Gems of War:
tinyurl.com/y9gzochr (short version)

The purpose of the page is to quickly answer questions that aren’t so easy to answer in-game. Questions like:

  • What’s the best available banner for this team?
  • Where do I find Red/Green Arcane Traitstones?
  • Which Hero Class does that crest represent for next week’s Event?

I’ve started by focussing on banners, but there’ll be more to come.

If you like my efforts, please bookmark it and tell your Guild!

I’m also happy to consider requests, and would love to hear any suggestions to make it better.


PS: I could use some CSS/Javascript help to improve the navigation menu.



Yesterday, I added some new tables:

  • Comprehensive Hero Class table.
  • Heraldry tables, including lots of shorthand info about each Kingdom and Class.
  • Also updated the Kingdom Power Table, which was added last week.

I’m wondering if I’ve tried to do too much in the Heraldry tables. The initial idea was to make it easy to find Crests for Class/Faction Events, and for Kingdoms. I feel I may have added so much extra detail that the crests get lost in the clutter. Feedback?

Incidentally, I feel the most valuable tables on this page are the first Banner Selection table and the Kingdom Power Level table. If you need a reason to prominently bookmark my page, those would be it! :wink:



Here’s a quick peek at the banner-selection table – just one of three ways to quickly find a banner on my web page:


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Way awesome. Thank you!

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Hi @Starlite, I really like your web page and the help it provides. If you still need help with css/javascript, I may be able to help you. Thanks for you work collating all info!

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Thanks for the likes and comments.

I’ve just updated the online version to include The Warrens.

(No need to update the printable version, as I used spoilers from Taran’s World to include them in the December release.)



Update Notice
I’ve updated the online tables up to Sentinel class, and the printable tables to Dark Pits (new Faction, due 8th March).

I’ve also updated the Kingdom Power Star Checklist to v1.4, and included the new Hero Classes predicted out to August (in grey, so you can write over them easily if they change).

Base link for all this content is http://paulius.50webs.com/gemsofwar.html

As always, I’m happy to hear any suggestions for improvements. :slight_smile: