Questlines you might want to complete before 1.0.9

Hero classes can be unlocked in 1.0.9 by completing a short storyline after completing the regular storyline in a Kingdom.

There are 7 hero classes initially released and below I’ve listed the known information so far and some of my guesses as a potential list of questlines worth completing prior to 1.0.9 coming out:

Warlord - Broken Spire
Archer - Forest of Thorns
Knight - Sword’s Edge
Necromancer - Khetar
Priest - Whitehelm
Sorcerer - Karakoth
Warden - Maugrim Woods

Edited with actual first 7 classes per patch notes - although only 1 guess was wrong! :smiley:


6 of those are more than likely a single color. I’m curious which one of those will break that uniformity. We likely have:
Warlord - Red
Archer - Green
Knight - Blue
Necromancer - ???
Priest - Yellow
Sorcerer - Purple
7th ??? - ???

Edited top post with the final confirmed list.