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Questions to dev before fully commiting

I’m reposting this from Discord channel, since Slypenslyde (cannot mention you buddy, since I’m new user, and max 2) wisely suggested to post it on forum, where more people can see it and devs can reply in a longer form.
First, congrats on the game @Cyrup @Saltypatra , it’s awesome and feels unique in several ways.

I’m starting here but I am almost a retired gamer. I decided to keep myself playing only the best games with the most suiting style: freedom is vital: so being able to respond to real life situations anytime and being able to quit anytime without penalty, or just play without limits (for free, no energy system) is very important to me. This is why I loved GoW.

But before fully commiting long-therm (as I see it requires some time investment to get full experience) I still have a few questions I think only developers can answer:

1.- How do you plan to make the game survive in the long therm? Which are the future plans? How much time could it last? The revenue forecast is positive? This is very important for me since I want a game fort the VERY long-therm, that doesn’t die the next year. I have already had several bad experiences in this matter.

2.- Since I see it’s somewhat old, and only online, I fear of it closing soon. If you created another GoW game (i.e. GoW 2) would veteran players get anything from their progress on GoW like Arenanet did with Guild Wars --> Guild Wars 2?

3.- The game feels very different from mainstream market. I see it released a long time ago. I’m curious… How does this game survived that much time with a decent community? What strategies/features did you use to keep players engaged?

I know some players will feel like answering to this trying to defend everything and praise me to fully commit to the game, but even if I do that I will always have the curiosity of knowing for future plans and such coming directly from developers. Anyway, feedback is wellcome.

To clarify; I’m already playing the game and I LOVE IT. But I’m trying to secure my shot before investing both time and maybe subscriptions. I know anything replied could be a lie in order for me to play/pay the game, but I like to think I’m very intuitive detecting those bad practices.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you ingame soon!


I’m not sure you’re going to get many concrete answers from the devs on this and understandably so, especially in regards to future plans. If things are bleak, then saying that would make things worse for them. And even if things are great, that could quickly change, so they can’t give any guarantees about the long term future of the game. But, good luck, it doesn’t hurt to ask :slight_smile:

From my observations, a game that is still actively receiving significant updates (new features, not just new content that requires no development effort) will usually continue on for a while. I’m not concerned about GoW just yet.

On another note, while trying to track down a website for the developers to see what other games they might have, I had a hard time. I found this in the footer of the main gemsofwar.com page: http://www.infinite-interactive.com/
It looks like an ancient relic, lol. I can’t seem to find a current web site, which is a bit odd :stuck_out_tongue:


That website is mainly there (at this point) for the turn-based Warlords and Warlords Battlecry players who still exist.

There was some comments on this in one of the recent twitch stream from Salty - Perhaps someone can comment on which one specifically

Check it out, but I doubt you are going to get much more than that (That they plan to be here for a long time to come)

On the upside if your an intuitive person, perhaps you can read more into what is said