Questions Regarding the Decreased Availability of Prior Campaign-Specific Mythic Troops in Soulforge

NOTE: This brief series of questions was posed on a previous thread with a number of online members of the Gems of War Community forum having contributed their thoughts, it is the intent of the author to elicit a response from the developers, as there has been no definitive indication of a shift in policy that would otherwise restrict access to campaign-specific troops to prospective buyers of in-game passes.

The title of this post is self explanatory, written in the form of a question, it pertains to one’s ability to gain access to “premium” content, specifically, those troops introduced in the previous three campaign cycles:

Medusa (Mist of Scales) | Hellcrag Monument Campaign
The Onyx Giant (Stormheim) | Prismatic Key Campaign
The Elder Dragon (Karakoth) | Dragon’s Totem Campaign

  1. When will the aforementioned troops be made available in Soulforge?

  2. Has a new policy been implemented that effectively excludes campaign-specific mythic troops from Soulforge?


The representatives of the developers here on the forums have already acknowledged that Medusa should have been in the previous Soulforge rotation but wasn’t, and that this was some sort of screwup on their end. Albeit a screwup that wasn’t fixed and isn’t going to generate compensation.

As to the other two? Soulforge “mythic cycle” 24 ran from mid-October of last year through mid-March of this year. Soulforge “mythic cycle” 25 started in mid-March of this year and will probably run until sometime in August or September.

The campaign featuring the Onyx Giant didn’t conclude until shortly after cycle 24 began; the campaign featuring the Elder Dragon came after the one with the Onyx Giant. If one assumes that the Soulforge rotation is “determined” to some extent at the start of the cycle, at least as far as which troops are included (or not included), neither of those two mythics would have been eligible at the time that determination was made. So it’s not unreasonable that neither one appeared during cycle 24; it sucks for those players who are waiting for the Soulforge to get their hands on them, but then the problem needs to be with the underlying rule about what gets included and not the execution of the rule itself.

All three of the troops you’re asking after should be available at some point during “mythic cycle” 25, which has 3+ months left to run given the volume of troops involved. All I can suggest is “be patient” and “save your resources so you can craft them when they do show up”.

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And the problem will get bigger and bigger with each new mythic released. Every new cycle will have a few more mythics expanding its timeline. Players already suggested changing the amount of mythics available each week on SF. But it’s up to de Devs. So, we sit and wait til the end of times.


They could have added Medusa manually. We know they can do that. Nobody would have cared had she been available twice in a shorter than usual amount of time.

But messing up and then doing nothing to fix it… It may still take months for her to appear.

I doubt that this will make people want to spend money on the game to avoid this in the future. So doesn’t make any sense to not have added her in a one-off bonus craft (for the usual price would have been fine).


As someone who doesn’t have Medusa and it is blocking Kingdom advancement for me I hope it can just manually be added to the Forge

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+1 for more mythics in soulforge weekly, given the frequency of new mythics coming into the game