Questions from a new player: guilds and time requirements vs F2P


I have been reading threads on this forum and watching various videos, but I have a couple of questions that are still puzzling to me:

  1. Guilds. Everyone suggests that it is very important to join a guild, etc. And I understand what I, as a new player, will get from a guild, but what specifically will the guild get from me? What is my value to others, how do I contribute, in the first few months when I have nothing except the desire to play?

  2. Guilds again. The suggestions to join a guild have been confusing with respect to where one should go look for them. Some were saying “look in the chat”, others “use the guild finder tool”, others “use this forum”. I would have no problem trying whatever but I have also been warned that a lot of guilds are dead and that I should not join them. Is there a penalty for leaving a guild? Any timelocks? More importantly, where would you go look for a guild if you were a new player (and had no friends in the game who’d carry you or whatever)?

  3. Time commitment and F2P. I can only play about an hour a day. I also don’t want to have to invest any money. How far can I get under these constraints? I understand that serious PVP likely requires more than that, but there is a difference between playing reasonably comfortably and just not competing for the very top spots and feeling like you can’t do half of the things because dailies or whatnot take two hours of time per day and you only have one. How is it with this game? What are the minimum time requirements you’d recommend to a F2P player?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I am on Steam, if this is important.

  1. Just playing and doing a little bit can help your guild gain seals and trophies. You just need to find a guild thast matches how much you can play.

  2. Look in here or chat, I have heard the guild finder is not good at finding one.

  3. I don’t think any guilds require you to use real money. It all depends on what you can contribute. And finding the right guild. I’m vip1, and I know several others that haven’t spent any money

Good luck, just asking in here will probably get you a good guild

  1. By playing you generate seals (up to a cap). It takes the whole guild doing max things to get to the maximum guild chest level, that helps the guild too.
    Also they probably hope you will grow quickly in the game and be able to eg win games in Guild Wars with a nice point total to help them too
    And we’re generally very friendly. We all know that it took a bit of time to get set up in terms of teams and be able to contribute there.

  2. Don’t use the guild finder tool, that runs a big risk of getting into dead guilds. The choice between the other two depends more on what you’d want out of your guild / how big a requirements you think you can manage and which channel you like.
    There’s no penalty to you for leaving the guild other than that you might not get the Guild Wars rewards mail at the next daily reset. For the guild, if they participate in Guild Wars, it is good form to leave on sunday just before reset after having done all your matches, as they cannot replace anyone during an ongoing Guild Wars.

  3. Granted, I’m now over level 1000, but for a while now I’ve not wanted to commit to much more than 3 dungeon games and 5 Guild Wars games a day, with somewhere in the week some time added to get to tier 1 in PvP. I can manage that in roughly an hour a day.
    The only risk as a starting player with limited playtime is that the set of troops might expand faster than you can play, but I don’t think that risk is that big. An hour a day is actually a reasonable amount to invest in this game.

I’m vip1 (I once spent five euros), and my current guild is competing in Guild Wars bracket 3 typically. They require something like 500 seals and a 100 trophies, and do your Guild Wars matches each day on time (no requirement about wins/points gained).

Some great suggestions already so I wont waste your time with that, be aware that several guilds have “sister guilds” or “feeder guilds” where people can begin as low level with lower reqs and as your troop list, personal ability, and maybe… time commitment increase then you can move up into higher req guilds that will generate more rewards when you are ABLE to meet those reqs.

I am suggesting this because I respect your desire to be able to “benefit the guild” and not wanting to feel like a leech. I am a member in Druid’s Glade which is the highest guild of the Druid’s Alliance, we also consist of Druids Haven and Druids Vale.

Hope that helps! And…

Thanks a lot for the answers.

One more question that I forgot to ask initially:

How exactly to level slowly? Basically, from what I have read: (a) the best source of everything for a long time (if not forever) is PVP, however, (b) the matchmaking is at least partially tied to your level and so there is a real danger of leveling to the point where I will just be getting players so strong that I will be unable to beat them and this will deprive me from getting rewards from PVP. So, you can see my conundrum - I obviously want to level, but doing it “too fast” seems dangerous.

What strategy would you use? Something like - only level the few best kingdoms and …? What else? What specifically do I hold back and at which point does it make sense to say “ok, fine, I am leveling now”?

Thanks for all your help!

As far as I follow, matchmaking is basically going off of your teamscore. That one is in turn based on the typical stats your troops will have. And those are buffed by guild bonuses, kingdom bonuses and troop level (which in turn is limited by troop rarity).
I would focus on maxing only Magic stat giving Kingdoms at first. By the time you’re done with that, assuming you are in a fitting guild, you should have a good selection of troops and a sufficient income of souls to be able to have multiple teams.
So basically it’s about the size of your toolbox (and whether you have any from a certain subset of really good tools in it), and once you’re happy about that you can do whatever you want.

You should be able to do just fine.

After a year and a month, with a time investment of close to two hours total on a daily basis, logging in to the game at different times throughout the day to collect Tributes and play, I have progressed rather decently as an entirely F2Player.

I even imposed added restrictions like, no Guild, no PvP, no Arena, no Dungeon/Soulforge (no “fun” :upside_down_face:), and imho, you’d be hard pressed to find a healthier account, as it relates to low Hero level and progression in GoW.

Excellent posts above! I would like to add for anyone that reads this in the future.

NEVER ever use the Guild finder. It is designed to place players in the oldest, least active, dead Guilds.

@accel for leveling: Just don’t buy or equip XP boosts and you will be fine. Spider and Beastial Armor are fine at this stage. Around level 200 PvP pool opens to all players so you will need an acceptable collection of troops, that why you it’s best to not rush it. After a few hundred levels useing the xp boosting armor is perfectly fine.

For PvP I’m pretty sure 1 trophy matches are rarely above your teams strength as such levelling too fast isn’t that big a problem.

If you do join a guild remember to ask them for advice for good troops, if only to stop you from levelling and traiting troops that stop being useful at higher levels. It’ll allow you to get a better competitive team sooner