Questions about the game


Hi, I got some questions, I am a new player on Xbox One

  1. If you level up a creature, can it end up costing more mana to cast its spell?

  2. One of my task is winning a new weapon, I just won one which I didn’t have already and the task didn’t complete…

  3. Will they add a matchmaking multiplayer? The game system would already work for it!

  4. Got any important tip to tell me?

Thank You.

  1. No. Mana cost is always the same regardless of troop level. (If it changes, it’s due to rebalancing.)
  2. Possibly an error, as the game was only recently added to the Xbox One, try contacting support if it doesn’t fix itself in a few days.
  3. Multiplayer is a complicated process that takes a lot longer to implement than AI. If it is an intended feature any time in the future, it won’t be for quite the while.
  4. Tip #1 - If a team begins to feel stale, don’t be afraid to experiment.
    Tip #2 - Join a guild and double the fun with friends!
    Tip #3 - Save your gems for at least one armor set before spending them on anything else. No matter how small the armor may seem, it will help you greatly in the long run.
    Tip #4 - And most importantly of all, have fun!

If you’ve got any more questions, feel free to ask! If you come across a major issue, make sure to screen-capture it and contact support. The staff are very attentive and will help with any issues you may face.


On the World Map, there is a little Cog Icon on the top right side to open the Setting Interface. You can click on the Show Spell Details box to display the cost of all your spells.

ALSO, if you’re looking for a Guild, how about considering ours :wink:
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Thank you for the answer. There are a lot of issue regarding the Task. I had one that asked to finish 3 Quest, I was at 2/3, closed the game and when I went back on, it was replaced by customize my hero. I did this, then the precious Task about finishing 3 Quest came back… 0/3. It is a little frustrating.


Unfortunately the Xbox One players and PS4 players are on their own servers so they won’t be able to cross over with any of the Steam/iOS/Android players.

Because of this we don’t handle the Xbox Support tickets. You need to contact 505 Games support to get help with Gems of War on Xbox One.

You can contact them at this link:

Xbox one treasure maps glitch?

This is really sad:( The increased player pool would have been great!