Question to anyone who has lost a guild wars battle

Does anyone know if you get partial points for being defeated in guild wars? And does it appear to be based on number of troop slots defeated on the enemy team?

So yes you should get points even if you lose. Whether it’s related to the number of troops left on the defending team I’m not sure though.

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Do points won on a win get modified by the number of troops defeated?

I suspect not.

I got points for my lone defeat (losing half your team to deathknights deathcurse the first turn after it’s cast is no fun… :frowning: ). But no clue what I got those points for.

I received 18 points and 15 points.

I had a battle against 1 troop total on the team. I still got full points.

Currently it appears points are only based on:

  • How many of the day’s color is used at the start of your battle

  • How many troops are still alive on your team

Today, 4 yellow with 4 troops on your team at the end of battle is full points.

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A member of my guild lost their first battle and had 6 points. No idea if they killed any other troops or how many yellow troops they were using.

I was awarded 7 points for losing,killed one enemy troop

Our guild point seems much less then other guild in the same group. Our % is 73% to 74% bonus instead of 80% bonus points. Thus we get lower total points then other guilds.I am in a Paragaon group which I never lost the fight nor troops. But I only gets: 8277points. Other guilds gets much more.

And plenty of Guilds get much less… I went 5 for 5, no troops lost= 6720 pts

So, those Statue levels are CRAZY important to earning higher place in the ranks… :confounded:

Our statue levels are about 90 and we’re getting 6,048 for a full win. In our bracket I think the win/loss record and having strong enough troops to try for the color bonus is more important, but it does look like towards the top statues are big.

Yeah I got 4,7xx for my 5 wins with full yellow - our guild statues are all at about 40.

I believe statues also determine the ranking bracket? It appears that way.

I was compare to the same bracket level as our guild is top #5 and lower level team gets better % that’s very strange. Any words from the Dev ?