Question + Suggestion about the new 8.0 Update (Total VP reset + alliance)

So is it really true that we lose ALL total VP at the start of a new season? I’m asking because to mention there is no VP loss at the first week of the new season for switching over to a new alliance seems a bit pointless if we start with zero VP anyway. It’s also harsh to lose alliance chat access every 11 weeks, if you only collect the 8000VP from PVP Goals, you will be excluded compelty the whole time or in best case for a longer period.

The 800k task for the highest alliance rank is also demotivating for casual/medium players if you start over and over again and maybe have the benefit of the max rank only a short time… for a couple of extra silver/gold marks?

Maybe there is a big misunderstanding, but can we seperate the alliance total VP requirements and the seasonal total VP? Like weekly, seasonal total and all time? That way you could lock pvp shop rewards behind a seasonal total VP lock and work with all time VP for alliances for a permanent chat access and permanent rank rewards.

Thanks for your attention.


Would you kill your own monetization strategy? Neither will them.


I wouldn’t kill the connection between people for something that you can also grind out without money, but with a bigger amount of time. I enjoy reading the alliance chat and think “the more, the merrier” is fitting in that case. At least for me.

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