Question on Event Key Update

Understanding that spoils of war are going to be restricted to 10; and that event keys are going to be opened to common and rare.

Can I ask if the drop rate of legends and myths are reduced or increased or the same?

Will minor and major traitstones show up (since it doesn’t now)?

Should I be spam purchasing the spoils of war before the update if my current glory stock is only 15k (I’m not very active, only level 300+)?

Increased @iudicium I asked this already in the Banpoclypse thread, @Saltypatra answered, so basically Mythic and Legendary Troops will drop more, common and rare troops have a chance to drop, and ultra rare troop will see a massive reduction (I’m glad, I opened 600+ event Keys last week Mythic hunting and didn’t get a mythic but got 200 of the event troop)

so the drop rate of mythics, legends, common and rare will eat into the ultra rare? Epics drop rate the same?

The mail we all received said that Epics, Legendaries and Mythics would all receive a small buff to their drop rates, while Commons and Rares would also be available, which eat into the Ultra-Rares (as do the top 3 a little, I guess).

The claim is that they are going to make sure the drop rates are adjusted such that if you were to spend, say, 10,000 event keys, you will get the same number of legendaries and mythics today as you will in 4.3.

The part they are changing is that the probability of you having even 100 event keys to spend will now be divided by infinity. From that perspective, you’re going to get far fewer legendaries and mythics from event keys than you are getting now, because you won’t have as many event keys thus you won’t be spending them.