Question on Event Key Strategy

I have a question about Event Keys for those who have progressed enough that they are trying to avoid pulling duplicate mythics from Event chests.

I have been hoarding Event Keys to use on the two Kingdoms where I am currently missing multiple mythics–Leonis Empire (no Dao, no Voice of Orpheus) and Adana (no Tina, only 1 Ironhawk and of course I want 2 of those). According to the Soulforge Weapons Spoilers at Taransworld, neither of those kingdoms will appear in Event Key chests through March 21.

I also need to pick up Jotnar Stormshield for Stormheim Power Level 22 (Collect Two Mythics–already have Mistralus). Jotnar will be in the Soulforge in the next two weeks, and is obviously in Event Key chests this week.

I have 2,700 Event Keys and 11,000 Diamonds. I do not care about the quality of the troops, only Kingdom Power Levels (2nd Ironhawk notwithstanding).

(1) Could someone confirm that I am using the Soulforge weapon spoilers correctly and that neither Leonis or Adana will be in Event Key chests through March?

(2) If it were you, what you would do?
A. Throw all my event keys at Jotnar now and assume I will replenish enough to have a good shot of pulling two mythics out of Leonis or Adana when they come back around after March.
B. Open a pre-determined amount of Event Keys (1000?) and save the rest if he does not appear. This would be the most expensive option if I whiff on Jotnar and have to craft him later. My gut says this is the wrong call.
B. Save the Event Keys and craft Jotnar with diamonds in the next two weeks.

I have infinite patience in this game so waiting is not a problem. I am missing 29 Mythics, so those diamonds will find another use quickly in the next soulforge cycle. I only craft troops that get me a Kingdom Level at the time.

Thanks for the advice.