Question: Does kingdom mythic drop from event keys ...?

So a friend got the Queen of Sin this morning but she still needs Queen Aurora, the text on this in game
is not quite clear as it says for the mythic:

Does not mention event keys at all. So can the kingdom mythics drop from event keys even during a new mythic week?

Event Keys can drop mythic troops from the feature kingdom for that week, but the chances are extremely low.

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Thank you for responding and answering… Do you have any first hand experience with someone getting a kingdom mythic during a mythic release week from an event key or is this just something you have heard?

It makes sense to me that this would be the case but applying logic to some of the game elements is a exercise in insanity at times.

This week, Queen Aurora is the only mythic in the event key pool, while Queen of Sin is the only mythic in gem/glory/guild/vip key pool.

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Thank you @Ghaleon and @BelethS

You can always check the odds at if youre in doubt

Yes, I agree this feels kind of scary since event keys are really precious. In the future, when in doubt, check the site that noob posted above. Taran’s World pulls data from the game, so the only reason it should be wrong is if the game’s broken.

Which… happens, but generally they don’t mess up chests. But historically, TW has been right even when things are broken. For example, one week people complained they weren’t getting the mythic, and TW revealed its drop rate was 0%.

There was a popup this noon that you can get Queen of Sins from event keys, I immediately spent my keys and didn’t get her but in global chat I suddenly saw 5 ppl in a row who did.

Yes, Mythics do drop from event keys if the weekly kingdom has a mythic only exceptions are Xathenos and Zul Goth.

Technically the popup says you get Queen of Sin “from chests”. That’s sort of vague, I know, but the rules for what thing are in what chests are always constant.

Gold keys never drop a mythic ever. Event keys will only drop a troop from the event kingdom. So while there are mythics in event keys, it’s only true the new mythic is exclusive to them if it happens to release on its own kingdom week.

Always, always, always either ask on the forums or check before spending keys.

I’m sure it said event. Others keys would drop other mythics as well, wouldn’t they? I’d find it suspicious when 5 ppl get Queen of Sin in a row like that.

Here is a post with a screenshot: 4.3 Update (Patch Notes)

Let’s go over this one by one. Not all keys can drop mythics.

  • Gold keys can’t.
  • Glory, Gem, and VIP keys can.
  • Guild keys can IF AND ONLY IF the guild has collected enough guild seals for the chest to be at a level that can drop mythics.
  • Event keys can IF AND ONLY IF the event kingdom has a mythic, and they will only ever drop the kingdom’s mythic.

When the “mythic week” is in effect, you can get the new mythic from Glory, Gem, VIP, and Guild keys (presuming your guild has enough seals.) Event keys do not care that it is mythic week. We don’t know what happens if the kingdom and new mythic coincide, because I don’t think it’s ever happened. I can only assume what happens is a bug.

On the first day of Mythic week every player in the game spends a lot of keys chasing the mythic. It’s the day you’re going to see the most people get it. Look at it this way:

If there are two slot machines with a 1% jackpot rate, it’d be suspicious if they pay out 6 jackpots in 6 pulls. Now imagine it is 100 slot machines. If everyone pulls the lever at the same time, we sort of expect 1 jackpot. Now imagine it’s 1,000 slot machines. 10 jackpots.

The lowest I’ve been in PvP is around 24,000th place. So today, nearly 20,000 people were spending their keys. 20,000 gem keys is more than a 100% rate. In fact, 5,000 gem keys is enough to have about a 98% success rate. So if 20,000 people all spent 200 gem keys at once, that’s 4,000,000 gem keys. I’d expect to see at least 800 people get a mythic in that instant.

Since you saw 5 people in a row, it means there would have to be 25k gem keys being spent. If each person is spending 200 keys, that only requires 125 people to be online. Do you think it’s possible 125 people were all spending gem keys at the same time? I find that highly plausible.

The only reason the game has the mythic announcement is the availability heuristic. As humans, when we see a positive event, we are more likely to believe it will happen again even if we know, rationally, that it was unlikely. Casinos use this, it’s why a jackpot makes bells and whistles go off. Other gamblers see a winner and think, “Oh, I’m way more likely to win now” and spend more money.

It works. You spent your keys because you saw other people getting the mythic. It made you excited, so you rushed to get it for yourself. Don’t let it fool you. The odds were against you, especially with event keys, where the Queen of Sin rate is 0%.


Yeah that was the screenshot :s

Do those gems, vip, guild keys only have the Queen this week as mythic?

(My mythic from event keys rate is 0% anyway :wink: Has ever been. The only 4 mythics I ever got from keys, were from gem keys.)

Yes, until next Friday, Gem, VIP, Glory, and Guild keys will only drop Queen of Sin if they decide to bless you with a mythic.

It ends Friday, not Saturday. That used to confuse me. On Friday, they’ll be back to giving out all available mythics.

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