question about using hoteys in android emulatior

Hello! I want to use android emulator BlueStacks on my PC to play Gems of War. I want use hotkeys in battle like “1”,“2”,“3”,“4” on every creature and “space” on use button. All moves on board and targeting spells i’ll do with mouse. I want to know if this is a violation of the rules, and whether they will ban me for it.
Thank you!

Why use an emulator? You can use your Android account on steam.
On Android just link your device.
I doubt that devs will support you in anyway while using an emulator.

I want to use an emulator, because it has a built-in function for assigning hot keys. Now I use steam, but there is only control using the mouse (in any case, I did not find the functions of using the keyboard). The question is, will they ban me for it?