Question about the Red Doom Event

I was hoping to see a Red Doomed Event, but apparently, it’s not listed anywhere in the near future.
Instead, we get colors that we already had a short while ago.
My question is, when was the date, if there was already, a second Red Doomed Event?

It’s showing as red in incoming events on Xbox. Are you seeing a different color?

Can you also tell me the date?

Maybe I checked in the wrong section.

Next week is second red doom event, I don’t remember when the first was.

The red event was during the first week of January best that I can remember.


To be more precise it started on the 31st of December 2018.
@Koromac next week’s Tower of Doom event is the red event.

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It’s beyond understanding why they didn’t just do all 6 colors in rotation. Do we really need RNG in even this?


Yeah, it’s annoying to me as well.

Much bigger issue for me is that I don’t know which weapon I should upgrade next.
Doomed Crossbow or a new Doomed weapon. I only have 25 Fire Scrolls, so I need 20 more to get one weapon fully upgraded.

Doomed Crossbow… There problem solved.


Thank you.

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