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Question about the AI

We’ve all seen the posts by the developers on the AI script. What I’m wondering is, where is it in the script where AI “gives up”?

If the AI has a Troop that is one Skull match from death, it will usually (not always) ignore it. Also, the AI will essentially “give up” when faced with insurmountable odds (like 4v1) and will literally set up matches for the player, even Skulls (while simultaneously avoiding “favourable” moves).

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That sounds Console-specific. I’ve never seen the PC/mobile AI “give up.” It shuffles on, doing its thing, until it goes “splat.”

Algorithmically speaking, programming the AI to “give up” actually would require more effort than not doing so.


FRom experience i can say on pc early game the ai gives up quite a bit in no-win situations but after level 100 it stops doing that and you end up in slobber knockers.

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This is magical thinking. Tada. Question answered.

Give me an hour and I’ll paste this topic full of examples.

Aren’t you people tired of being proven wrong on a daily basis? I’m sure as hell tired of doing it, but if you want to masochists…

I’ve seen the computer player give up countless times on XB1. No need to prove otherwise @TaliaParks .


I’ve also seen the Ai appear to give up. Also as I get closer to winning it seems like gems start falling more favorably for me.


Go ahead. You could go on for days. Still wouldn’t prove anything.

Because, pretty much by definition, you won’t be posting the examples that you forgot. Recall bias is pretty powerful. We all tend to remember the evidence that supports our beliefs and ignore or discard evidence to the contrary.

This is in addition to the fact that, in general, once we have a fixed belief any additional information will be interpreted as confirmation–even if we have to tie ourselves up in knots to make it work.


You even a Console player @Personette?

The game doesn’t have AI. It semi-randomly picks from the various legal moves, with a slight lean towards matching skulls or four gems.

…that’s an AI. It may not be particularly “intelligent,” but that’s not a requirement for the definition.


Actually it is part of the definition of AI. There is no “learning” involved. Nor is there any look ahead for potential future moves. And that’s a good thing because even a rudimentary AI in this game would make it nightmarishly difficult.

That’s splitting hairs. There’s no requirement for machine learning to qualify as AI in games. There’s no requirement for lookahead. There’s really no requirement other than to simulate player behavior, which this AI does…poorly.

I do agree that if the AI were smarter, people would just bitch more, though.


Actually, I am curious. I believe you, in fact, but since I don’t own a console I haven’t seen the behavior and I really would like to compare what the AI on Console is doing vs. PC/mobile.

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Ignore Talia. He accused the devs of manipulating the “AI” to be out to get him since he has been complaining lately.

Here you go @Lyya

That was a series of 6 matches, so it happens quite often.