Question about Silence

I am a fairly new player, but for me it looks like the status effect, Silence, has been tweaked. It no longer drains the mana of the enemy troops.

I just wonder why it got tweaked?


They didn’t give any piece of information about a reason why.
If I was to make a wild guess, combining the old silence with disease would be a bit too strong… Or maybe Silence felt redundant with mana drain. Dunno.

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Thanks for your reply!:slight_smile: I then think I gonna skip a build around a silence team with The silence one. I wanted to make one earlier, but not anymore now.

There were many discussions about the mechanic of the silence effect spanning over a year ago. Removing mana drain from silence was something that was pushed for hard in 1.0.5 and 1.0.6, but never occurred. People stopped talking about it for the most part in 1.0.7 and 1.0.8 because skulls became much better than spells. Now that spells have become good again in 1.0.9, they decided to finally remove mana drain from silence.

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I don’t understand why you use the word, finally. It wouldn’t had been a problem to keep it as it was in the currently meta game.

Silence is more balanced now. Though I’d have made it drain 2-3 points of mana too.

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What was wrong with the Silence in 1.0.8?

A full single target mana drain costs 9 mana, Psion in 1.0.8 drained 3 mana from each enemy for 15 mana, yet silence was a 4x full mana drain for 18 plus silence on top of that. Of course full immunity and silence protection would stop silence, but the amount of shut down something like that takes minutes out of a match. Now in 1.0.9 mana drains are more viable. Silence is towards the weaker side now, but at least it is at par with its opposite of entangle.

Well, I never had a problem facing those teams, and rarely met them, did you have problem facing those teams?

No, but fully silencing and mana draining a team is a big waist of time. There are immunitys for it now, but there are still instances that teams go without it. I do think The Silent One should have the silence to self removed now that it doesn’t serve its previous purpose. It originally got it so it couldn’t mana lock a team forever with drain + silence.

But, you used the word, finally - Like it was a problem in the 1.0.8 and had to be fixed. Thats what I don’t get. I rarely met Silence teams in 1.0.8 and now even rarer in 1.0.9. So I assume that it was not the best nerf?

This feature was requested 15 months ago; we got it 1 week ago.

This feature was requested 15 months ago when Silence was a beast in the meta back then. In 1.0.7 to untill now, it have’nt been a problem.

It was incredibly annoying to begin with, basically when you got silenced by TSO that meant you would not do anything for half the game and then spent the other half regaining the mana you lost by the mass silence. If you won or lost wasn’t important, you had no fun either way.

Gouki, its fairly easy to take out a silence team, most using only The Silent One, means you have to focus taking that troop out first. But I agree, it might have been annoying before 1.0.7.

I am aware, that is not the point. It still made games incredibly boring and annoying once you got hit by it.

Ah, for me I think I never lost to a Silent one team. Rarely met them too.

He managed to annoy me earlier by silencing me again with a skull hit, so at least he’s got that still.

Did it beat you?

Haha no. and I also stole his cake.