Question about mobile notifications

Are PS4 to mobile notifications just really buggy? I set up pet alerts for the vault weekend, and I’ve only received notifications for about half of them. When I do get a notification, it comes through at a random time in the pet rescue, once with only a few minutes remaining.

Am I missing some really obvious setting somewhere? Do notifications only go out if you’ve been signed off for X minutes? A quick forum search didn’t turn up anything recent.

If you are using a Samsung Device… It sometimes delays notifications until you’re using your phone again. The devs can’t do anything about it, it’s a known Samsung issue.

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Ah, I was wondering why it seemed so co-incidental that, when I picked up my phone, I’d get a ping for Tribute.

I’d been thinking of writing down the times to check this, but if it’s Android playing silly buggers, there’s not much that can be done about it :frowning:

I’m on Android and PS4 my pet notifications are working fine. I don’t have any of the bugs you or @awryan are talking about.

Maybe re-register your device ?

Sorry, I should have said Samsung. Will update the original comment.

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I’m using a Galaxy S9+ with Android, so it still holds true for me! :frowning:

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Thanks, that was really helpful. Did a bunch of Googling and changed several settings on my phone; we’ll see if that improves it.


I completely fixed the problem on my Samsung device running Android 6.0.1, so I wanted to report back for future generations Googling the problem.

Settings -> Battery -> click the dots -> Optimize battery usage
Select “All apps” from the drop down menu and slide optimization for each one to OFF

Some apps in this list cause your phone to decide that it’s not worth checking for push notifications when your phone is asleep under some random circumstances. Might be battery dependent. After turning off optimization for all 100 or so apps, I get Gems of War alerts immediately when tributes are ready or pet events start. I also get emails throughout the night, instead of everything coming through at once when I check my phone in the morning. I haven’t noticed a decrease in battery life.

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